Chung Ang University Acceptance Rate

Chung Ang University Acceptance Rates

Each year, many students enroll themselves at Chung Ang University. Well, some of these students are lucky enough to get into the university. If you have been trying to get into Chung Ang University, it is better to get a slight idea about the university. and Chung Ang University acceptance rates.

Chung Ang University is one of the most prominent private universities in South Korea. Based in Seoul, South Korea, this University is divided into two campuses. Initially, the university was established as a church-run kindergarten in 1918. It was during the year 1953 that this University was completely transformed into a university and is still prevalent. Therefore, the original establishment date of the university is considered to be 1918. Since the original establishment date is 1918, the university celebrated its century in 2018.

Needless to say, it is one of the most reputed universities in South Korea. It has a significant history in Korea and faced the Japanese atrocities. Therefore, it can as well be said that the university survived the atrocities that the Japanese imposed on Koreans. Since the university faced such problems, it can be said that the university’s main aim was to train workers and future leaders. It is due to the leaders from such universities that Korea transformed itself at such a fast pace.

I hope that you can see that Chung Ang University is a great place to study. If you keep reading, you will see the acceptance rate of Chung Ang University, so that you will have a sense of the chances in your admission.

This private institution currently serves 2,055 academic staff and 39,000 students. The University has both, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The number of undergraduate students is 33,000 while that of graduate students is 5,000. The university has 12 colleges and 49 departments across its campus. The urban campus is divided into two parts- the Seoul campus and Anseong Campus. Despite providing excellence in all the academic fields, the university is regarded to be the best in art, culture, and pharmacy.

Several organizations have ranked Chung Ang University, being one of the esteemed universities in South Korea. The higher rankings of the university are a result of its prestigious history of endurance and academic excellence. The ranking of Chung Ang University is enlisted as below

  • 24th in Korea and 60th in Asia by USNews
  • 386th in Global and 80th in Asia by QS University Rankings.

They have seen massive growth in their rankings as compared to their past rankings.

Getting admission at Chung Ang University is very easy and simple. All the information regarding university admissions is mentioned on their website. Financially weak and academically bright students avail scholarships as well. The tuition fees for the university usually varies depending on the course you choose. Moreover, with scholarships, the price can lower down. Scholarships are mostly given to international students.

Most of the alumni from this University either are musicians or from the film industry. Some of the prominent ones include

  • Hong Yoo-Kyung
  • Luna
  • Yuny Hang
  • Kim Bum
  • Cho Jung-are
  • Son Hyun-Joo

Acceptance Rates at Chung Ang University

Several universities around South Korea are more advanced than Chung Ang. However, it is to be noted that Chung Ang is one of the oldest institutions with a rich historical background. The acceptance rate at Chung Ang University is approximately 29%. So, if you want yourself to get enrolled in the university, you will have to be academically bright. Moreover, it may also help you get a scholarship.

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