Beijing Jiaotong University Acceptance Rate

Beijing Jiaotong University Acceptance Rate

Educational background is one of the main points that big companies consider in hiring employees. And most often than not, applicants who came from notable universities have a higher edge compared to their competitors. Hence, a lot of students vie for the best university for their college education. Now, in China, there are quite a number of top-notch universities that students can choose to enroll in. One of the best in Beijing Jiaotong University. Let’s take a look at Beijing Jiaotong University acceptance rate.

Beijing Jiaotong University is one of the oldest higher educational institutions in China. Before it reached its current height today, the university can trace its humble beginnings 1896 when it was originally a component of the then Jiaotong University. In 1920, upon the founding of the Chinese Republic, it was annexed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and was later on renamed to as the Ministry of Communications Traffic Training Institute. A year later, it had a merger with a technical school in Shanghai and another technical school in Tangshan. The three formed the Jiaotong University with three branches in the respective original locations of the three institutes.

In 1949, the Beijing campus became the main branch and was renamed as the National Jiaotong University. A year later, it was given another name, the Northern Jiaotong University. In 2003, it was decided to affix the locality name and it now became the Beijing Jiaotong University and it is still now as is today. It is one of the five Chinese universities affixed with the title Jiaotong.

Since its establishment, Beijing Jiaotong University has committed itself to provide quality education to the people. In fact, in 2017, it became part of the Double First-Class Class A category of universities which are specially selected to be groomed as world-class universities. In 2018, it ranked 1st in the Transportation Science and Technology subject worldwide. So, you can see that getting into Beijing Jiaotong University will be difficult, and thus, the university has a low acceptance rate.

As of the present, the university houses over 14,000 undergraduate students and over 8,000 graduate school students. This number is already vast but is still continuously increasing.

Acceptance Rate at Beijing Jiaotong University

With the number of students that enroll in the school, most would wonder why only a small percentage is admitted among all applicants. The estimated acceptance rate is 38%. This is because BJTU is selective of which students will accept. The school implements a strict screening process where students will have to submit requirements for pre-admission. Once students pass the pre-admission screening, they will proceed with the entrance examination, usually the National College Entrance Exam, where they must get good scores.

Those who manage to pass the exam will then be scheduled for an interview. However, there are students who are exceptionally good and rank at the top. These lucky students have their interviews waved and are given an invitation to enroll directly.


If you are planning to apply at the Beijing Jiangtong University, you need to do your best and prepare all the necessary requirements. You also need to pass the entrance exam, with flying colors if you can. Passing the exam is imperative but showing an exceptional performance will do you even better.

I hope that this article on acceptance rate of Beijing Jiaotong University acceptance rate was helpful. If you want to know about other Chinese universities acceptance rates, visit China Acceptance Rates.