Concordia University Acceptance Rate

Concordia University Acceptance Rate

Concordia University (known as CU) is located in the Quebec province but imparts classes in English. Being a creative school, its Fine Arts Departments is counted amongst the most vibrant ones in the country. An impressive number of Concordia’s alumni have gone to become CEOs of influential businesses worldwide. CU is fully committed to sustainability. Student activism, diversity and political awareness also play a major role on campus. As the title suggests, this article will discuss the background information and the acceptance rate at Concordia University.

The university was established in 1974 as a merger of two already existing post-secondary institutions. Loyola College primarily taught theology and philosophy to Catholic young men, speakers of English. Only in 1959 did the school start accepting women and expand its course offer beyond the classical subjects. It never received the right to confer degrees. Sir George Williams University developed from the Montreal-based YMCA that also offered evening courses for the English speaking working class in the city. Upon the Quebec government request, the two institutions began their merger talks in the late 1960s, finalized in 1974. It took more than 10 years after that to completely restructure all departments and academic programs.

Concordia is located in the city of Montreal. It inherited facilities of its founding schools (such as libraries and galleries) and also maintained two campuses respectively. There is a free shuttle bus between the suburban Loyola College campus and urban Sir George Williams University. As a result of their history, both campuses represent a combination of traditional and modern college architecture. In accordance with its focus on arts and artistic creativity, nowadays Concordia is also home to a large art collection. Quartier Concordia – the downtown Sir George Williams University headquarters is a perfect example of the recent modernization efforts.

Concordia is one of the largest universities in Canada in terms of the number of both students and faculty. Its four academic departments are Art and Science, Engineering and Computer Science, Fine Arts and The John Molson School of Business which is regularly ranked as one of the best schools of its kind in the world. Over 46,000 local and international students are supervised by nearly 2,500 academic staff. (If you want to be part of this student body, check out the Concordia University acceptance rate!). Régine Chassagne – the singer and multi-instrumentalist of the Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, graduated from Concordia in 1998. Other famous alumni include actor Will Arnett and author of the “Brokeback Mountain” story Annie Proulx.

Concordia shares its Latin motto and general vision with the city of Montreal: “Well-being through harmony”. It places a lot of emphasis on cooperation and partnerships within the local community. Four official colors compose the coast of arms: maroon, gold, black and white. The 1969 student protest portrayed in a recent movie “Ninth Floor” took place at Sir George Williams University computer lab of the Henry F. Hall Building. The infamous incident, in which four Concordia professors were shot dead by another eccentric professor, Valery Fabrikant, also took place in the same building in 1992.

Acceptance Rate at Concordia Universtiy

Concordia is currently ranked 601-800 in the world. Tuition fees depend on the student’s provenance.  Nearly two-thirds of the university’s revenue comes from the local government funding. Various admission requirements are in place, amongst them: high school transcripts, audition/interview, portfolio, recommendations or letter of intent. The estimated acceptance rate at Concordia University is 78%. So, unless you did horrible in your previous institution, you should be accepted.

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