Ewha Womans University Acceptance Rate

Ewha Womans University Acceptance Rate

Ewha is one of the most prominent private university in South Korea. As the name suggests, the university is solely dedicated to women and aimed at their upliftment. Anyone trying to get into the university should have proper knowledge about the history of the Ewha Womans University and its acceptance rate.

Ewha Womans University is a private university that was established in 1886. Miss Mary F. Scranton with the help of Korean Emperor Gojong had established the university. The American Methodist Episcopal Church also had a contribution in the foundation of the university. Undoubtedly, this University is one of the largest female educational institutes. Moreover, it is also one of the most prestigious University in South Korea.

The University isn’t as large as other universities and does not have big administrative staff and academic staff like the other universities. Moreover, the urban campus of the university is spread across an area of 544,964 sq. meters. The color of the university is green.

The recent president of the university is Kim Hei-sook. According to the reports, this University is the largest female educational university around the world. The University boasts of the academic staff of 980 and administrative staff of 556. Currently, there are 20,330 students enrolled in the university with 14,812 students enrolled under the undergraduate program while 5,518 students are enrolled under the postgraduate program.

The university’s logo features pear blossoms, the meaning of Ewha. Although it was established in 1886, it gained full accreditation as a college on 15 August 1945. Currently, the university has 830 partners around 64 countries such as Cornell University, University of Kuala Lumpur, Harvard University, Waseda University, University of South Carolina, University of Hong Kong, Peking University and more. The University also follows exchange programs with international Universities such as Mills College in Oakland, California.

The University has undergraduate and postgraduate colleges with different departments. It is well known for its science and liberal arts department. The University also has a museum named Ewha Womans University Museum established in April 1935. The museum features a wide range of doubles, paintings, ceramics, crafts, iron, grape jars and more. It also has a planning exhibition hall, donation exhibition hall, permanent exhibition hall, and Damien Goksik Art Museum.

The university offers great programs for international students. If you want to enroll, keep reading the article to see the acceptance rate at Ewha Womans University!

The motto of the university is “Knowledge, Goodness, Beauty.” The motto of the university itself makes it clear that they are aimed at improving female education around the world. With knowledge, they are aimed at essentially improving goodness. Thus, the quote, “Beauty with Brains,” will be one of the most suitable examples.

As mentioned previously, it is the largest women university in the world. However, it has also received several other high rankings such as the following:

  • 299th (World)- QS World University Rankings
  • 9th (Asian universities)- Chosun-QS Evaluation of Asian University (for 2016(

Some of the Honorary Fellows of Ewha include

  • Tarja Halonen- 11th President of Finland
  • Hillary Clinton- Former United States Secretary of State
  • Drew Gilpin Faust- President of Harvard University

The notable alumni of Ewha include

  • Jeon Yeo-ok- South Korean politician
  • Lee Tai-Young- former First Lady, wife of South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak
  • Esther Park- first Korean female doctor
  • Kim Yeo-jin- Actress
  • Helen Kim- first few Korean Doctor of Philosophy; and many more

Acceptance Rate at Ewha Womans University

Since it is a women’s university, the chances of getting into Ewha Womans University is higher than the others. The University gives special scholarship to international students based on their academic merit and financial credit. The estimated acceptance rate of Ewha Womans University is 23%.

I hope that this article on the Ewha Womans University acceptance rate was helpful. If you want to see the acceptance rate at other Korean universities, visit Korea Acceptance Rate Category.