Fudan University Acceptance Rate

Fudan University Acceptance Rate

One of the tough decisions that students often make once they graduate high school is to choose which university they will enroll. Thousands of students each year compete with each other just to bag a spot among the successful applicants. This is because passing the qualifications for these universities is not exactly a walk in the park. In this article, the acceptance rate at Fudan University will be discussed.

One of the many universities that have to join in on the fray is Fudan University. Fudan University is mainly situated at Handan in Shanghai. However, it now has three other campuses located in Fenglin, Zhangjiang, and Jiangwan. These four campuses share a central administration with Handan as the main. It was first established as Fudan Public School in 1905. Later on, it was renamed as Private Fudan University in 1917 and National Fudan University in 1941. Today, it is now known as Fudan University with the “National” removed in 1949 to signify that all the universities of the state under the new regime would become public universities. In 2000, it merged with the Shanghai Medical University and since then, FU has become a major player among the members of the C9 League. It is also Class A university with a Double First-Class standing.

Currently, Fudan University houses 17 full-time schools with a total of 69 departments. The university offers over 70 bachelor’s degree, over 20 disciplines and over 130 sub-disciplines that are accredited to confer doctorate degrees. The university also offers over 200 master’s programs and 6 professional degrees. With these programs available, there are over 45,000 students enrolled including those under the online distance learning program.

Fudan University has been the alma mater of many well-known politicians such as Shao Lizi, Tang Jiaxuan, Wang Huning, and more. Many notable linguists like Chen Yinke, Chen Wangdao, economists like Hanming Fang, Yingyao Hu, Panle Jia, scientist and engineers like Zhu Kezhen, Tong Dizhou, and Fujia Yang. The notable historian Qiu Xigui is also an alumna of the university. 

What is the Acceptance Rate at Fudan University?

Fudan University is one of the most selective universities when it comes to the students they accept. In fact, it is among the five Chinese universities with the hardest undergraduate degree programs to join. As of the present, the acceptance rate of Fudan University has dropped to as low as 0.2% of the students who topped the “Gaokao” or the National College Entrance Examination. Once students pass the pre-enrollment screening, they will then be scheduled for an interview. This very low acceptance rate made the university even more prestigious in the eyes of the public.

However, the acceptance rate for international students is not too low. It is estimated that for international students, the acceptance rate at Fudan University is 32%. You don’t have to take GaoKao like the Chinese students, but you need to take some sort of test like SAT or ACT.

Despite the low admission rate though, many students still choose Fudan University as their preferred university in the entrance examination. This is mainly attributed to the opportunities and benefits that Fudan caters to those who get admitted successfully.

Although Fudan University expects a very steep standard from its student applicants resulting in a difficult admission process, many are still drawn to the challenge. It is because once admitted, the students are exposed to many great opportunities for success. Hence, if you wish to enroll at Fudan University, you need to bear this fact in mind. You need to start your preparations and make sure to pass the national entrance examination since it plays a major role in the admission process.

I hope that this article on Fudan University Acceptance Rate was helpful. If you want to see the acceptance rate at other Chinese universities, visit China University Acceptance Rate Category.