Handong University Acceptance Rate

Handong University Acceptance Rate

Handong University is among the prominent private universities in Pohang, South Korea. The University is a private Christian, four-year institute. The University was established in 1994 as the non-profit private higher education institute. Ever since the establishment, Handong University has noticed extensive growth and has become a prominent name in the field of international studies. The University excels in management, economics, international law, and life sciences. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Handong University.

Despite appearing to be small, Handong University boasts a capacity of 3,500 undergraduate students and 420 graduate students. Each year, students from all over the world apply to Handong University. Currently, there are students from 45 countries studying in Handong. The University has over 200 academic staff for the convenience of the children. Unlike most of the university campus in South Korea, Handong University has a rural campus. It also goes by the nickname HGU. As far as the administrative staff is concerned, there are about 100 of them.

The motto of the university is “Why Not Change the World?” Through the motto itself, the University clarifies the aim of bringing about a positive change in the world through education’s power. The University believes that small steps can help to bring big changes in society. Thus, they want to inculcate all the positive habits of their students. The University plays an important role in shaping the future of the students. They are not only taught educational values in the campus but moral as well. Thus, they go on to bring significant changes in society.

The University features a seagull as its mascot which itself is a sign of peace and positivity. Each year, the approx estimate of the students keep changing because of the applications. Applying at Handong University is very easy. The guidelines for applying in University are itself released on their official website in PDF and application formats. Anyone interested in applying can check the official website. The students applying for Handong University must have all the required documents and recommendation letters. One can easily download forms and applications. You should note that the acceptance rate at Handong University is not that competitive for international students.

The students applying for Handong University must excel in three criteria: academic performance, interview, and English proficiency. Based on these criteria, the students are selected. The International Students are given extra scholarships based on their financial and educational merit. However, it is easier for an international student to get into Handong University than national students. International Students are required to clear all the required examinations. The Korean students need to appear for the National College Entrance Exam. Based on their exam scores, they are allowed the seat.

Handong University campus is located in a stretch of 200 acres in Pohang, South Korea. It is situated on the rolling hills of North Beach. The students can see the Sea of Japan since the campus is located on the top of the hill, which makes it an extremely beautiful view.

Acceptance Rate at Handong University

Every year, the acceptance rate of Handong University has varied. However, still, it is to be considered that Handong has one of the highest acceptance rates compared to other universities in South Korea. The estimated acceptance rate of Handong University is 38%. So, if you have good grades and have decent test scores, you will most likely be accepted.

I hope that this article on Handong University acceptance rate was helpful. If you are interested in other university acceptance rates, visit Korea University Acceptance Rates Category.