Hanyang University Acceptance Rate

Hanyang University Acceptance Rate

Hanyang University was originally established as Dong-A engineering Institute in 1993. It is the first engineering Institute which has now developed into the research university. This private institution is one of the most prestigious institutions in South Korea and extensively popular. The University is named after the capital of South Korean, Hangyang, which has now changed to Seoul. In this article, we will look at the acceptance rate at Hanyang University.

Hanyang University thus has a historical significance attached to it. The University is extremely popular among its peers for its excellent, par education system. The motto of the university, “Love in Deed and truth,” itself signifies the importance of the aim. The University is divided into two campus- the main one in Seoul, while the other one is located in Ansan and is known as ERICA (Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan).

The excellent education from Hanyang University surely deserves all the appreciation and praise. The motto of the university is a clear reflection of the university’s educational philosophy. Hanyang University allows admission to international students as well. Therefore, according to the reports, each year around 3,000 international students apply for admission to the university. Dr. Kim Lyun-joon was the founder of Hanyang, while Kim woo-Seung is the current President of the university.

Overall, the university has 23 colleges, 21 graduate schools, and 60 departments. The graduate programs by the University are divided among the three schools, The General Graduate School, Professional Graduate School, and Special Graduate School. The master’s programs have 87 departments in 5 divisions. The program also features 17 interdisciplinary programs along with 27 university-research-industry cooperation programs. However, the doctoral program is further divided into 85 departments into five divisions. It has 29 university-research-industry cooperation program along with 12 interdisciplinary programs.

Due to its excellent departments, the competition to get into Hanyang Univeresity is tough. However, the acceptance rate at Hanyang University for international students is high compared to the domestic students.

Currently, the university has 5,000 faculty members, 11,000 graduate students, and 25,000 undergraduate students. The University offers scholarships programs for undergraduate students to ensure that their study program is maintained. Each year about 97.6 million dollars are raised to fund the programs. The students also get the opportunity to take part in special internship programs. The University partners with around 160 universities to provide the best internship programs to its students.

The University, being a private research institute promotes new research and development brought about by the students. The main active research programs are based on natural sciences, medicines, media and communication, environment and more. The University spends millions of dollars in its research centers such as green energy, biotechnology, and fusion technology. The research department has potential partners of 878 domestic patents and 183 global patents.

Being one of the prestigious universities, some of the prominent rankings that the university has received include

  • 155th (globally) and 30th (Asia)- Top Universities
  • 38th (Asia) and 351-400th (world)- Times Higher Education
  • 30 (Asia) and 151st (world)- QS Rankings

These are very significant ranks as thousands of universities take part in it.

Some of the notable alumni members of the university include

  • Chung Mong-Koo: Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group
  • Yoon Dong-Sik: MMA Fighter
  • Park Mok-wol: Poet
  • Jang Sung-ho: Olympic Silver Medalist and more

Hanyang University Acceptance Rate

One can easily take admission in the university due to its flexible admission pattern. Moreover, the tuition fee is pretty affordable too. The acceptance rate of Hanyang University is estimated to be 29% for international students.

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