IIT Bombay Acceptance Rate

IIT Bombay Acceptance Rate (D)

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, also called IITB, is a public institution offering courses in engineering and is located in Mumbai. IIT Bombay was started in the year 1958. The IITs were declared as institutes of national importance by the parliament in the year 1961. A committee comprising of high powered influencers, set up by the government of India in the year 1946, recommended that 4 higher level institutes of technology be set up in the country, in order to provide leadership in the direction of technical education in independent India. The planning for setting up the institute in Mumbai started the year 1957 and the first batch comprising 100 students were formally admitted to various courses in the year 1958. Since its inception in the Powai area of Mumbai, the institute has now expanded to more than 584 huge buildings in the combined area of more than 550 acres. This article will discuss acceptance rate at IIT Bombay.

Students flock to the Institute for the grilling 4-year and 5-year degree programmes. The degrees offered by IIT Bombay include a 4 year Bachelor of Technology, a 4 year Bachelor of Science, a 5 year Master of Science and a few more. IIT Bombay offers comprehensive programs that lead to graduation and doctoral degrees in the areas of mathematics, engineering, science, and technology. IIT Bombay is India’s top institution that offers higher education (As per QS’s region wise ranking). IIT Bombay ranked the highest on the metrics used for the compilation of the list. IIT Bombay is arguably supposed to be the best college for undergraduate programs in India.

I hope that you realize that this institution is an excellent one. Because of that, there are so many students competing for a limited spot, which makes the acceptance rate at IIT Bombay very low.

IIT Bombay campus is always buzzing with activity. Techfest, the annual science and technology meet is held every year in the month of December and it boasts of being Asia’s largest science and technology gathering. The Techfest hosts a lot of events like exhibits, competitions and inspiring talks from renowned guest speakers from around the world.

Also happening in the month of December is their annual cultural festival called Mood Indigo, which is an event run by the student body and it is Asia’s largest college cultural gathering. It comprises of various events like competitions, exhibits, and talks from guest speakers from around the world. A lot of famous personalities like R.D.Burman, Aamir Khan and Sachin Tendulkar have graced the festivities by their presence. The organization is famous for hosting the best musical concerts, cultural programs, competitions and games which draws the best of the talents across the country.

Apart from the awesome academics, IIT Bombay is also known to have a full boutique of cultural activities like music, literary arts, speaking, dramatics, speaking and fine arts which makes up for a very well rounded education.

Acceptance Rate at IIT Bombay

So now that you know what an awesome place IIT Bombay campus is, you may be wondering of your chances of getting in. Well, given that it is the top university of India for undergraduate courses, the competition happens to be very tough. The intake happens via the Joint Entrance Examination and the chances of getting in are just 3.6%. So, if you plan to go to IITB for your undergraduate studies, you better prepare really hard for it.

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