Inha University Acceptance Rate

Inha University Acceptance Rate

Inha University is one of the leading private research universities in South Korea. The University is located in Incheon. Over the years, Inha University has made its mark in the university marking to be one of the most well-known universities across South Korea. Students from all many different countries apply each year at Inha University to get in it, and thus, the acceptance rate at Inha University is pretty low.

Inha University is traditionally famous across South Korea as the research and education institutions for engineering and science. Gradually, this private university spread across different research fields as well. The first President of South Korea, Syngman Rhee laid the foundation of Inha University. One very lesser known fact about Inha University is that it is the collaboration of Korean-American name. This is quite evident, as In is taken from Incheon while Ha is adapted from Hawaii, USA.

The history of Inha University dates back to 1954 when it was established as Inha Institute of Technology. Over time, the institution has gained recognition as a national institute. With its strong student base, it has garnered much praise and appreciation. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the leading technological research institutes.

As the motto of the University goes, “Truth,” the faculty of the university aim at instilling rightful moral values in the students. The University also shares the motto of “Development of Character, Search for Truth and Service to Society.” All this aim at the motto that the university tries to instill positive values in the students. Thus, the university does not aim at the educational upliftment of the children but also to the moral upliftment. The University faculty believes that if the student’s character isn’t uplifted, all their teachings are nothing but futile. If the history of the university is traced, it can be noted that the students had contributed to help during the war period.

Inha University acceptance rate is very competitive because of the various resources and excellent programs that it has. If you do get accepted, I highly suggest you to consider attending this university.

The current President of the university is Myeong Woo Cho. The University boasts about 835 full-time academic staff and approx 1,100 part-time academic staff. The University not only promotes undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It has about 18,500 undergraduate students and 2,200 graduate students. The University campus is spread across an area of .44 km sq. The color of the university is blue supporting a wyvern as the mascot.

As far as the ranking of the university is concerned, it is listed below

  • 18th in Korea- Web of Universities
  • 22nd in Korea- US News
  • 141st-150th in Asia- Times Higher Education
  • 111st in Asia- Top University

In the case of engineering programs, Inha has always secured itself among the higher ranks. For example, they have been ranked 4th in Korea for their varied engineering programs.

Some of the notable alumni of Inha University include Kim Gura, Chun Ho-jin, No Min-woo, Kim Ki-Tae, Song Ji-Man, Song Yoo-geun and more.

Acceptance Rate at Inha University

Inha University is one of the best private research universities in South Korea which is why each year so many students apply. It gives out scholarship programs, making it easier for international students to qualify. Like most of the other South Korean Universities, it is easier for international students to get it. It is for this reason that the acceptance rate highly varies and fluctuations are prominent each year. The current acceptance rate of Inha University is 39%.

If you want to see the acceptance rate at other Korean universities, visit Korea Acceptance Rate Category. I hope that this article on Inha University acceptance rate was helpful to you. Good luck with your application!