King’s College London Acceptance Rate

King’s College London Acceptance Rate

What is the acceptance rate at King’s College London? If you seek to learn about the difficulty of King’s College London admissions, you’ve come to the right place. To start, let’s begin with the introduction.

King’s College London was ranked at the 25th spot in the world according to QS World University rankings system for the year 2017. The university holds a silver award as adjudged by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). TEF Silver award is given to the institutions that offer high-quality learning, teaching, and outcomes for its students, and continually exceed very rigorous national quality requirements with respect to the higher education in the United Kingdom. King’s College London offers students a very desirable place in one of the most dynamic and connected cities of the world. The most central university of the college boasts of 5 campuses in the heart of the capital city of London. This central location allows the college to form and lead international conversations. The facilities, schools, and institutes of the college deliver world-class research and serve as the enabling grounds for discoveries that have been happening throughout its history. Because of this world-class research and excellent academics, the admission to King’s College London gets competitive, and therefore, it leads to lower acceptance rate.

King’s College London makes wonderful arrangements to welcome its students. The college organizes an orientation program for the students who are visiting the United Kingdom for the first time. This orientation program happens at the start of the autumn session offering a lot of events to welcome the new students to the city of London. This program provides very useful information to the new students that help them in settling in and gives them an opportunity to meet the other new students. All these events are free but the students are still required to book a spot for themselves online in advance in order to be allowed to attend these events. The English Language Center of King’s College London has been accredited by the British Council and happens to be one of the highest ranking university language centers in the United Kingdom. The university provides preparation courses in the field of academic English to who so ever may need it.

All the students attending King’s College London are required to have a very good command over the English language within the academic environment in order for them to be able to succeed in degree courses.  This requirement is also applicable for filling the requirements of the student visa wherever applicable. All the international students are typically required to submit certified proofs of their competence in all the 4 English language skills, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening before they start their studies at the college. The applicants, however, are not required to be in compliance with the English language requirements of the university before they apply. They are allowed to apply to the university as long as they feel that they will be in a position to have achieved the English language requirements in the summer before they start their college course.

Acceptance Rate at King’s College London

King’s College London is a very popular destination for international students who want to kick start their careers by attended this coveted college. This makes up for an extremely competitive application process. Due to the popularity of the college in both domestic and international students, the acceptance rate to the college is 17%.

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