Konkuk University Acceptance Rate

Konkuk University Acceptance Rate

Konkuk University, based in Seoul in Chungju is one of the renowned private universities in South Korea. It is considered to excel in different academic fields around South Korea. It is highly reputed and popular in South Korea which is why a lot of Korean and international students try to apply in the university. But do all of them get selected? No. This is because they evaluate the academic skills of the students before allowing them admission. This article will cover just that topic, which is the acceptance rate at Konkuk University.

Konkuk University was established in the year 1931 by Dr. Yoo Seok-Chang. The University was initially a junior college named as Chosun School of Politics. However, later on, the university was developed and named as Konkuk University. Currently, the University has 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in it. The University also has 2,500 International students. The University has 16 undergraduate and 13 graduate schools under it currently.

The University has 1200 full-time academic staff along with 1300 part-time academic faculty. Apart from that, it also has 70 international faculty. As far as the administrative staffs are concerned, currently there are about 500 of them. Thus, the students get the opportunity to nurture under the guidance of excellent academic and administrative staff. They help the students to excel in their life apart from the basic educational knowledge.

This private university has KonWoo and KonHee as its mascot. It is generally a bull. The motto of the university, “Sincerity, Fidelity, and Righteousness” projects the belief that the university wants their students to excel in the academic field apart from developing the right moral values in their character. They want the students to make sincere and right decisions in their life and help the ones in need. Thus, apart from the educational values, the students are also taught moral values in the university.

The urban campus of Konkuk University is divided into two parts. While the main campus is in Seoul, the other one is in Chungju Campus. The main campus in Seoul has a beautiful surrounding with easy and cheap access to all corners of Seoul. The Chungju campus is also referred to as GLOCAL Campus. All the major departments of the Konkuk University such as bioscience, biomedicine, real estate, and business administration are found in these campuses. With its awesome selection of courses and their quality, the acceptance rate at Konkuk University is competitive.

Konkuk is very welcoming of international students. Each semester has over 500 English courses for international students. These courses are usually taught to the students to help them adjust with the surroundings. Most of the International Students are awarded scholarships based on their educational and financial merit for better advantages. The Undergraduate students receive a waiver of 100% tuition fees while the graduate students are given a waiver for 50% tuition fees.

The rankings of Konkuk University are listed as below

  • 12th in Korea- Ranking Web of Universities
  • 21st in Korea- USNews

Some of the notable alumni of Konkuk University include the following

  • Hong Moong-pyo: National Assembly Member
  • Kim Hyesoon: Poet
  • Chung Sung-Ku: Former President of Chongshin University
  • Lee Joong-Keun: Chairman of Booyoung, and more.

Acceptance Rate at Konkuk University

Based on the application forms from international and Korean students, the acceptance rate for Konkuk University varies on a significant basis. The estimated acceptance rate at Konkuk University for international students is 35%.

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