Korea University Acceptance Rate

Korea University Acceptance Rate

Anyone who is academically strong may consider applying in one of the most renowned research universities of South Korea, Korea University. But is it that hard to find the potential place in the university? Thousands of students apply each year, and all of them are tested based on their merits and qualification. Now, what is the acceptance rate at Korea University? We will take a look at the rate later in the article.

Korea University is the leading and oldest private research institutes. The University was established back in 1905 and found itself ranking among the top institution for higher education in Korea. The University was established in 1905 as Bosung College. Later on, in 1922, the university was renamed to Bosung Professional College. However, finally, in 1945, the university was named as Korea University.

Being a part of the SKY universities, the institution holds the reputation of being the leading and prestigious University of South Korea. The President of Korea University is Jin-take Chung. Korea University is popular among the students for its varied range of political, law and economic programs. If you want to apply, you definitely should, but before you do that, you need to look at the acceptance rate at Korea University.

The current academic staff is divided into 1,432 and 3,027 being full-time and half-time, respectively. The institution has about 30,000 students enrolled in it in recent times. The institution has over 1,000 International Students which keeps rising with new admissions each year.

Korea University provides several programs, but it is popularly known for its College of Law. The university provides one of the best undergraduate law programs in South Korea. It has other educational facilities such as the Institute for Continuing Education, Institute of Foreign Languages Studies, Center for Teaching and Learning and Institute of International Education. The University has about 115 research institutes.

The University offers some interdisciplinary programs. The University has 18 colleges, 81 departments, and 18 graduate schools. Based on the academic merit or financial requirement, the student may be granted with scholarships. The University has several clubs and promotes extra-curricular activities. The Seoul campus has a surrounding population of 20 million.

The rankings of the Korea University include the following:

  • 198th in world and 24th in Asia by Times Higher Education World University Rankings
  • 86th in World and 12th in Asia by QS World.

Since Korea University is one of the oldest, it has an alumni population of approximate 300,000 people. Some of the prominent and notable alumni of Korea University include:

  • Lee Myung Bak- former President of the Republic of Korea
  • Park Joo Young, Hong Myung-bo, Cha Bum-Kun, SEO Jung-Won- The famous football players
  • Sukhee Kang- former mayor of Irvine, California
  • Heo Jeong- Former Prime Minister

The University also has several famous songwriters, singers, directors, actors and Olympic medalists as their notable alumni.

The University’s logo is a Lion and color is crimson, similar to that of Harvard. There is a predominant rivalry between Yonsei University and Korea University. Each year friendly sports are held between the two leading to the major rivalry between the two. Five different events, football, rugby, basketball, ice hockey, and baseball are contested.

Korea University Acceptance Rate

A Korean nationalist must be among the top 1% of students to get into Korea University. However, the scenario is different for international students with the acceptance rate being nearly 25% according to reports. Such a high acceptance rate is because many international students get into the university through their scholarships.

I hope that this article on acceptance rate in Korea University was helpful. If you are looking at other Korean universities, I highly suggest going to Korea Acceptance Rate Category.