Laval University Acceptance Rate

Laval University Acceptance Rate

Université Laval, known in English as Laval University, is a popular choice amongst students wishing to study French as a second language, both from Canada and overseas. Most of its facilities are located in the vicinity of Quebec City, with the exception of an experimental initiative, the Montmorency Forest. The university boasts an excellent internet-based distance learning program in the majority of the courses on offer. It fosters innovation, cooperation and strives to positively contribute to the local community. In this article, we will be looking at Laval University acceptance rate.

Laval is the oldest Canadian post-secondary educational institutions teaching in French. The act establishing it was published in 1852 but Laval’s origins trace back to the 17th century and the school called then Séminaire de Québec. This denominational institution was mainly preparing priests to work in the so-called New France. After the British took over the province in the 18th century, liberal arts courses were added to the curriculum. In order to provide the French Canadians with the rights to continue their higher education studies, the seminar’s authorities obtained a royal charter in the 19th century, thus formally transforming the school into a university. In the 20th century, Laval moved its premises to the suburb of Sainte-Foy and significantly expanded its educational program offer.

If you are interested in studying here, one of the key metrics that you should be aware of is Laval University acceptance rate. This will be discussed in the later part of the article.

Laval’s main campus in Sainte-Foy is modern as the move from “ The Old Quebec” happened in the 1950s and the facilities were built from scratch. The only department which still uses the so-called Le Vieux Séminaire (the Old Seminar) building is the Faculty of Architecture. The Sainte-Foy campus features a botanical garden, other green spaces, sporting complexes, and training facilities. Several murals and graffiti works adorn the university’s buildings. A system of underground tunnels is used to connect various campus parts. The campus is also home to Quebec’s provincial archives.

Nowadays, over 38,000 local and international students can choose from 350 programs, including agriculture, pharmacy, law, music, dentistry, nursing or social sciences. Laval is the only post-secondary school in the province offering a degree in forestry engineering. The entire faculty is composed of nearly 1,500 staff. Various Canadian politicians (including Prime Ministers), the present Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Niklaus Wirth, the Swiss designer of the Pascal programming language are amongst the most notable alumni.

Laval’s Latin motto on its coat of arms states “By the grace of God, to no one equal”. Red and gold are the two official colors. The university has its own waltz, called “Laval” as well, composed at the beginning of the 20th century. The present-day Université de Montréal was once a part of Laval which separated from it in 1919. Laval offers numerous sports activities, including swimming and diving, field and ice hockey, and golf.

Laval University Acceptance Rate

Laval University is currently ranked 251-300 in the world. High school grades are the main criterion for admission; however, some faculties might also conduct an additional interview. Candidates are also required to have a general knowledge of French. It is estimated that the acceptance rate at Laval University is 59%. So, if you have done well in your previous institutions, you have a very high probability of getting accepted.

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