London School of Economics and Political Science Acceptance Rate

London School of Economics and Political Science Acceptance Rate

Part of attending the London School of Economics (LSE) is to be based at the heart of the city of London which is a very exciting, colorful and vibrant place. The close-packed campus is full of services and facilities to ensure that the students make the most out of their stay at the LSE. The students also get an easy approach to everything that the city of London has to offer.  London is also a city that is full of minds associated with academics, which is evident by the fact that the city is home to more than 400,000 students who attend various universities. This article will discuss the LSE acceptance rate.

All the students are sure to find something to fit their pocket and tastes in this truly international location, irrespective of what their appetite and interests are. LSE is situated very close to the legal, cultural and financial centers of Europe. LSE stands at the intersection of international discussions, which are the basis of its personality as an institution that is outward looking and has a very active involvement not only in the United Kingdom but also in affairs of the world. If you would like to join the University, you should definitely know the acceptance rate at LSE.

At the London School of Economics and Political Science, the students get to gain from the education imparted by the leading and dedicated institution of social science. LSE is in the business of offering a wide variety of different programs, all the way from undergraduate and graduate studies, to education targeted towards working executives, language study, distance learning, summer school and also options for studying abroad.

LSE is highly thought-provoking, cosmopolitan and is always at the center stage of the happenings in the real world. These qualities are gained from the varied backgrounds of its students and staff, from the active concerns the university has regarding the academic and political happenings, and from the smooth exchange of ideas between the university and the outside world – the parliament, the government, the financial and business establishments in the city, the courts of law and media personnel are always standing at the doorstep of the university.

Year after year, the school hosts tons of influential speakers from outside (drawn from leaders in business, civil servants, industrialists, politicians of national and international stature) as well as the leading academicians from all over the globe who flock to the school campus to engage in teaching, to give public lectures and to engage in their own research.  LSE is really close-packed and filled to the edges with staff and students – all of this goes a long way in increasing the vigor and friendliness of the school.

The Research Excellence Framework is a nationwide appraisal for excellence in research at universities that are executed by the Higher Education Funding Council every 5 to 7 years. The London School of Economics has been ranking top or very close to the top consistently and this confirms the position of LSE as a world-class research university.

Acceptance Rate at LSE

London School of Economics is very popular amongst the students because of the global nature of education that it provides. It also stays in the media a lot which goes a long way in attracting new students. The LSE acceptance rate is very low, which is 17%, and you will be able to get in only if you are the top of your game.

I hope that this article on the London School of Economics and Political Science acceptance rate was helpful. If you are interested in learning more, visit United Kingdom Acceptance Rate Category.