Nanjing University Acceptance Rate

Nanjing University Acceptance Rate

Many students each year compete for a chance to get admitted to the top universities in China. This is why the majority of these universities have implemented strict and highly selective methods in screening student applicants. One of these universities is the Nanjing University (NU), and we will talk about acceptance rate at Nanjing University in this article.

Built in 1902, Nanjing University was originally named as the Sanjiang Normal School. Its current name was applied in 1950 and in 1952 it fused with the University of Nanking. Nanjing University is the oldest higher education institution in Nanjing and is one of the best public universities in China.

Because of its prestige and top-notch performance in the educational sector, Nanjing University became a part of the C9 League. It was also inducted as a Class A university belonging to the Double First-Class University group as designated by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Universities that become classified as a Double First-Class University are specifically selected and cultivated into becoming world-class universities.

I hope that by now, you know that Nanjing University will offer you the one of the top education in the world. Because of that, the Nanjing University acceptance rate is pretty low, and you have to be a great student to get in.

Nanjing University has is comprised of three campuses: Xianlin, Pukou, and Gulou. The Xianlin campus houses the undergraduate and some of the graduate students. The Pukou campus is home to the university’s Biomedical Research Institute and the undergraduate students of the Nanjing University Jining College. The Gulou campus is composed of the different university museums, the Sun Yat-sen House (house of the first provincial president), and the graduate school campus.

The university offers courses in literature, arts, natural sciences, applied sciences, politics, business, law, medicine, engineering, education, and more. However, all these schools and courses are tied with research. Over 40% of the students are engaged in research as well as the faculty. In fact, according to the 2017 Nature Index, Nanjing University ranks 2nd in China, 3rd in Asia, and 12th in the world ranking for the number of research output released annually.

Acceptance Rate at Nanjing University

Based on the recent national media report, Nanjing University is the number 1 most selective and most stringent university in the entirety of mainland China. This is understandable because of how high the standing of the university is. This is also one of the main reasons why a lot of foreign students, mostly from the US, Britain, Germany, France, and other parts of Asia, enroll in the university.

It is estimated that the acceptance rate of Nanjing University is 18%. Students who aspire to be part of the Nanjing University student body must rank among the top 30, even higher, of the College National Entrance Examination. This exam is the main determining factor of whether students can enter their preferred university or not. Those students who cannot be admitted into their first choice are usually advised to look for another alternative. However, there are also some who do not want to enroll in another university and wishes to stick to their original choice. These students usually end up foregoing a year or two to further their preparation for the next entrance examination.


If you have plans to enter Nanjing University in the future, then one of the best ways to do so is to prepare and do your best to get very good results in the coming National Entrance Examination. This is also true for the other universities that are part of the C9 League, the group which is the Chinese equivalent of the US Ivy League.

I hope that this article on Nanjing University acceptance rate was helpful. If you want to see other universities’ acceptance rate, visit China acceptance rate category.