Peking University Acceptance Rates

Peking University Acceptance Rates

It cannot be denied that as the importance of getting good education increases, more and more students gear to looking for good universities to apply to. One of the top universities that students can look up is Peking University. Now, do you want to know the acceptance rate of Peking University? If so, keep reading this article!

Being established in 1898 during the late part of the Qing Dynasty as a successor of the then Guozijian, Peking University has grown into becoming a top research university in China. Formerly known as the Imperial University of Peking, PKU has since developed into a major player in the educational sector of Beijing as well as major intellectual reforms in China.

This prestige has lingered which increased the popularity of the institution which highly contributed to its increasing enrollment population every year. As of the present time, the university caters to over 40,000 students studying under the 30 colleges and 12 schools (departments). There are over 90 specialties for the undergraduate program, 2 for the second Bachelor’s program, over 190 for the Master’s program, and over 170 for the Doctorate degrees. Coupled with over 200 research institutions, Peking University has developed into a formidable university in mainland China. It is with this formidability that many students all over the world avail of the university’s international student program with over 2,000 entrants every year.

With its great bearing, Peking University has already produced many notable figures such as Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao, and Chen Duxiu which our founding fathers of Communism in China. There are also notable artists like Lu Xun, Hu Shi, Lin Yutang, and Liang Shuming which are all leading figures in Chinese literature and noted philosophers. There are also noteworthy scientists like Deng Jiaxian, Qian Sanqiang, and more.

Acceptance Rate at Peking University

It cannot be denied that because of the prestige and excellent quality of education that students who enroll at PKU are subjected to, a lot of students enroll every year. Despite the steep acceptance of Peking University at 29% for international students, a lot of students still apply to the university in hopes of getting accepted.

There are factors that may affect the acceptance of students between domestic applicants and international applicants. Usually, students take the Gao Kao (college exam) and should reach the score threshold set by the university. Aspiring entrants of Peking University are expected to get a minimum score of 660 out of 750 for them to be accepted for further evaluation. This is especially true for domestic applicants. International applicants though can get accepted as long as they pass the admission exam. However, for international students who are taking up major courses in Law, Physics, Computer Science, and other major courses, the criteria are a bit steeper.C

Peking University is indeed a good university to consider for enrollment. With its top position as one of the best universities in mainland China, PKU is a good nesting ground for students to grow. With the different academic schools to choose from and the many opportunities open for the students to develop their holistic development, it would surely be a great opportunity to enroll at Peking University.

I hope that this article on Peking University acceptance rate was helpful. If you want to know the acceptance rate at other Chinese universities, visit China Acceptance Rate Category.