Postech Acceptance Rate

Postech Acceptance Rate

Pohang University of Science and Technology or POSTECH is one of the leading private research universities of Pohang, South Korea. The University excels providing a world-class education to its students to impart them academically and give them a global education. This article will go over the acceptance rate at POSTECH.

POSCO, one of the leading steel companies of the world established the university in 1986. The main aim behind the foundation of the university was to promote advanced learning among engineering and laying a framework for future development. The founding members, Tae-Joon Park, and Hogil Kim understood the need for promoting technological education in Korea. They believed that the establishment of the university would help them in developing Korea as a high technology area.

POSTECH is a private university whose urban campus is spread across an area of 400 acres. The campus is based in Pohang, South Korea. Each year the university receives admission applications from several students across the world. Owing to its prestigious position and higher rankings, POSTECH gives special focus on educational credit. They select students who have excelled in their high school performance. The higher the score, the higher are the chances of getting enrolled in the university. So if you want to get in despite Postech’s low acceptance rate, you need to do well on your studies.

The mascot of the university is a Phoenix, itself symbolic of the power. The motto of the university is to integrate creativity in the university. The University roots for their students to aspire and improve always. This private university aspires for the students to grow, not only in their academic field but personally as well. The present President of the university is Doh-Yeon Kim and has 283 academic staffs. The University has around 3,600 students enrolled with them. Out of 3,600 students, an approximate of 1,400 are enrolled in undergraduate courses while the rest 2,200 of them are enrolled in postgraduate courses.

POSTECH, being one of the leading research universities have promoted different researches over time. They have been working towards 4th generation light source to develop the energy. They have also carried other experiments that have proved to be a great success.

The university features 11 undergraduate departments, 11 graduate departments, four divisions, four specialized graduate schools, and five graduate schools. The departments vary across the different sections such as Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Life Sciences and more. The University is most famous for its science and engineering departments.

POSTECH University is a diverse university where students get the chance to grow personally as well as academically. Every year, tech wars and festivals are organized to ensure that the students get a fair chance in the war. The Hyunsang Academic Festival is one of the most anticipated festivals.

Being one of the most prestigious University, the rankings of POSTECH is enlisted as below

  • 401-500 (World)- ARWU World
  • 83 (world) and 24 (Asia)- QS Ranking
  • 142 (world)- THE
  • 12 (Asia)- Times

Some of the notable alumni of POSTECH include

  • Frederic Barlat: A renowned scientist
  • Sir Harshadkumar Dharamshi Hansraj Bhadeshia: A distinguished materials scientist

Acceptance Rate at Postech

The acceptance rate of Pohang University of Science and Technology is approximately 19%. If you need to get into the university, you need to have a sound academic knowledge and distinguished academic achievements. Also, focus on your application such as the essays and do well in school to receive good letters of recommendation.

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