Pusan National University Acceptance Rate

Pusan National University Acceptance Rate

Pusan National University, also known as Busan National University, is one of the most prominent universities in South Korea. Each year, Pusan National University accepts students from all around the world, but only a significant amount of them can get into the university. Let’s take a look at the acceptance rate of the Pusan National University and its history.

Pusan National University was founded in 1946 as one of the prominent national universities. Gradually, the university becomes one of the top 10 universities of South Korea. The main aim of the university is to promote education among all and thus, has been imparting education among a large number of students. Thus, the main aim of Pusan University is to teach and educate a large number of students.

This university is an excellent university as you can see from above. If you want to attend, you want to take a look at the acceptance rate at Pusan National University, which will be discussed later.

During its establishment, the university was a two-year college, but in 1953, the university was changed to a four-year college. It is the second best national University of South Korea post-Seoul National University. The main department for which Pusan is famous among the people is the Engineering department especially, Mechanical Engineering. The 20th President or the current President of Pusan National University is Jeon Ho-Hwan.

Currently, there is 839 full-time academic staff at Pusan National University. The campus is divided into three parts in Busan, Yangsan and Miryang of South Korea. Currently, the university boasts of around 17,500 undergraduate and 9,138 postgraduate students. The mascot of Pusan National University is Sanjinee.

There are 15 colleges, one graduate school, nine special and professional graduate schools under Pusan National University. Despite being a large institution, the university has a major focus on two faculties: Faculty of Fisheries and Faculty of Humanities.

Just like its motto states, “Truth, freedom, and service,” Pusan University works towards imparting the same values in the students. Apart from academic education, the university wants their student to have a space to express their opinion and should learn to serve others. They should be truthful to the place they learn it and about their values. Thus, the university aims at uplifting their students not only academically but morally as well.

Pusan National University, being one of the top ranking universities of South Korea offers admission for applicants all around the year. The University also offers scholarships for international students thereby making it easier for all to enroll in them. The admission applications are given out each day to ensure everyone gets a fair chance. Moreover, the admission process for international students is easier than Korean nationalists. The undergraduate students need to pay a fee of $4,500 each year, while the graduates have to pay $6,300 each year. The merit scholarship is given based on GPA, IELTS, and TOEFL.

The ranking has been provided to the University based on its faculty and education. The prominent rankings of Pusan National University are as follows:

  • 90th best in Asia by Times Higher Education
  • 110th in Asia by USNews
  • 78th in Asia by Top University

The notable alumni members of Pusan National University include:

  • Im Si-wan: Actor and Singer
  • Aram Hur: Educator
  • Lee Jae-Young: Actor
  • Cho Kyoung-Tae: Politician

Acceptance Rate at Pusan National University

The acceptance rate at Pusan National University is estimated to be around 25%. If you are an international student, your acceptance rate will be higher because it is easier for international students to attend Korean universities.

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