Queen Mary University of London Acceptance Rate

Queen Mary University of London Acceptance Rate

The Queen Mary University of London is amongst one of the top leading higher education institutions of the United Kingdom.  Its English, law, and drama departments found a place in the top 50 of the programs delivered globally (according to the QS Subject ratings of 2018). The university was ranked 5th in the whole of United Kingdom for the percentage of research outputs (according to REF 2014). The university is also a member of the elite Russell Group consisting of leading universities in the United Kingdom. This article will focus on one aspect of this university, and that is the acceptance rate at the Queen Mary University of London.

Throughout their rich history, the university has fostered social justice while improving the lives of general people through excellence in academics. The university continues to live and breathe the same spirit even today, not just because it is simply the right thing to do but because of what it helps them achieve and the intellectual brilliance that it delivers.

Queen Mary University of London values the different ideas that the students form. They believed that those ideas will help the students to achieve great things both for themselves and others. Also, they believe that these great ideas can originate anywhere. By doing so, The Queen Mary University of London welcomes the diverse thinking of the students, with the belief that whenever students see the different perspective of others, debate, and adjust their ideas based on the debate, the true learning takes place.

If you desire to study at this Queen Mary University of London, it is helpful that you know its acceptance rate. This will be discussed later on.

The university was founded by different organizations that focused its operation on the east part of London. The London Hospital Medical College started operations in 1785. It was part of the London Infirmary that provided services to the poor. The People’s palace that was started in 1887, brought culture, education, and recreation to the footsteps of people of the East end, uncovering so much talent that technical education was soon started to show signs of excellence in the areas of humanities, arts, and science.

Currently, Queen Mary University of London has many research activities that are taking place. Also academically, they offer a variety of courses in undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

Acceptance Rate at Queen Mary University of London

No wonder then, that this university is popular among both domestic and international students. They all want to get in this prestigious school and work diligently in writing their college applications showing whey they are a good candidate for Queen Mary. The acceptance rate at the university is 72% which is not too bad if you have your scores and application in the right place.

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