Renmin University of China Acceptance Rate

Renmin University of China Acceptance Rate

For the past years, more and more Chinese universities have grown in terms of worldwide popularity due to their excellent system and quality education. Because of this, a lot of students both domestic and international flock to these universities to study. One university that is a top player when it comes to meeting these world-class standards is the Renmin University of China. In this article, we will look at the background information and the acceptance rate at the Renmin University of China.

Renmin University was established in 1937. Back then it was known as the Shanbei Public School and was originally meant to offset the effects of the Japanese war to the people. The school was originally established to cater to hundreds of revolutionary comrades of the republic. Years after, the university received two renames, the North China United University and later on the North China University. In 1950, several surrounding institutions merged together with the then North China University and was fully renamed with its present name, Renmin University of China.

Today, the Renmin University of China or familiarly called Renda by the students and teachers alike is known as one of the elite educational institutions. It is highly valued due to its vast contribution to both the local and international researches. It is also because of this and its excellent performance that Renda was classified as one of the Class A universities that belong to the Double First-Class University plan. 

The university is currently situated in Beijing and has over 24,000 students. There are 23 schools currently maintained by the university offering Arts, Agricultural Economics, Business, Finance, Education, Environmental and Natural Resources, Foreign Languages, Journalism, Philosophy, and more. There are 13 related research institutes. The undergraduate department is made up of 60 specializations for the primary undergraduates and 8 specializations for second-degree courses. The graduate school also cover vast grounds with 140 specializations for the Master’s program and over 90 for the Doctorate program.

The Renmin University of China currently holds the 5th place in the best university offering 25 national key disciplines. It also covers 13 national key bases of research for social sciences and the humanities. For this, the university is currently ranked 1st place. The best national university also falls to Renda in terms of offering national key research disciplines in teaching and fundamental arts.

Acceptance Rate at Renmin University of China

Renmin University or Renda is very well-known for its high-standard education. This is the reason why despite the selective admission process, a lot of students still cramp up to enroll in the university. It is estimated that the acceptance rate at the Renmin University of China is 43%. If you are aiming to get selected, great effort is needed when it comes to the exams and impressing the selection committee. However, if you are able to pass the selection screening, then you will not be disappointed with what the university can offer you.

Competing against a lot of people over something can be quite taxing. The same can be said about applying to Renmin University. However, despite the strenuous training, do pay in mind that with its long history and track record of providing an excellent education to students, Renda is a great university to study in. Hence, despite the odds, do your best.

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