Ryerson University Acceptance Rate

Ryerson University Acceptance Rate

Ryerson University, located in Toronto, boasts Canada’s largest undergraduate business school. ​Apart from the traditional means of studying, it also offers distance education. It is most famous for its engineering degrees. The university promotes innovation and hands-on knowledge, at the same time fostering diversity. This article will discuss the acceptance rate at Ryerson University.

Ryerson takes its name after the founder – Egerton Ryerson, an influential Canadian educator, and politician who established what was then known as The Toronto Normal School in 1852. This educational institution training teachers underwent a lot of changes before becoming what it is today. A part of it formed the Royal Ontario Museum – one of the largest art, world culture and natural history museums in North America. The University owes its current achievements in engineering to Howard Hillen Kerr who had a vision of creating Canada’s own Institute of Technology. Eventually, in 1966 Ryerson Polytechnical Institute was created, later on changing the name to Ryerson University.

Ryerson Square, a pedestrian-only zone, is the university’s main campus. The most prestigious faculty at Ryerson is Ted Rogers School of Management whose premises were donated by a Canadian businessman and philanthropist, Edward Rogers. A feature of the campus are also ancient rocks, dating back 2 billion years. Amongst recently added facilities, a futuristic Student Learning Centre was opened, designed by the famous Norwegian architecture firm, ​Snøhett​a​. A historic Canadian hockey sporting complex, Maple Leaf Gardens, was also adopted by Ryerson to create its own Mattamy Athletic Centre.

There are 8 faculties at Ryerson, offering more than 100 programs. The university also has its own business start-up incubator – called DMZ (Digital Media Zone). Currently over 45,000 under- and postgraduate students are enrolled in courses as varied as engineering, design, architecture, arts, community services or communication. The most notable alumni are: Cathy Crowe, a social activist and educator; Sue Gardner, former director of the Wikimedia Foundation; Natalia Glebova, Miss Universe 2005 and Eric McCormack, the star of the American sitcom “Will & Grace”.

The university offers great resources for students to succeed. If you would like to take advantage of these resources, I highly recommend applying because the Ryerson University acceptance rate is quite high!

“With Mind and Skill” is the translation of the university’s Latin motto. The official registered colours are blue and yellow. “Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters” (2004) by Ryerson’s international relations professor, Peter Vronsky, is counted as one of the best studies on serial homicide. Even though most of the students are from the Toronto area and the university offers excellent student housing facilities, 90% of all students commute to campus. Fraternities and sororities are officially not allowed but do exist on campus. Ryerson cooperates with over 130 universities in nearly 40 countries.

Acceptance Rate at Ryerson University

Due to its excellent results, facilities, and opportunities it provides, Ryerson is the most popular amongst the applicants in the whole country. ​Its current world ranking is 475, and the acceptance rate at Ryerson University is estimated to be 80%. For admission to the university, high school records are the main requirement, along with additional criteria set by the individual faculties and programs they run (such as interviews or portfolios).

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