Seoul National University Acceptance Rate

Seoul National University Acceptance Rate

Each year, many students apply to get their place at Seoul National University. But not many of them can get through. Why? Because of the tough acceptance rate of the University. Before having a general idea about the Seoul National University Acceptance Rate, let us have a clear look about Seoul National University.

If you are looking for something more than just academic education, then Seoul National University may be the right choice for you. Apart from academic education, the institution has been working towards offering the best practical knowledge and instilling high values to the students. Seoul National University wants its students to stand among the competitive ground with complete professional and personal principles.

Seoul National University was established in 1946 and is reputed as one of the most prestigious universities in the country. The university is divided into three campuses and has several schools and colleges affiliated to it. Currently, the university has 16 colleges, nine professional schools, and one graduate school. The University is reputed across the country for its capacity to maintain peace of Korean peninsula.

As far as rankings are concerned, the university has received several rankings across the world. Some of the most notable ones include the following:

  • 31st in Most Innovative Educational Institution by Thomson Reuters
  • 4th in Independent University of the region for QS Asian University Rankings
  • 10th in Universities in Asia
  • Back in 2016, the University was ranked as 9th in Asia and 85th in the world.

You can see that Seoul National University is a prestigious university. Because of that, many students apply to be a part of SNU, and therefore, Seoul National University has a low acceptance rate.

As per the reports, currently, the university is catering around 28,000 students, ranging from undergraduate to Ph.D. programmes. Sixteen colleges affiliated under the university have been offering 83 undergraduate programs. The study area is divided into five sections which offer 99 programs regarding the doctoral and master’s programs.

Seoul National University has made its mark on the world with its wide range of educational programs and infrastructure. Since the University works to providing world-class education and ethics to its students, their students are always ready to take over the world. They have been trained in different areas which helps them succeed in different fields around the world.

The notable alumni of Seoul National University who have made their mark in the world include

  • Ban-ki Moon: The eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations.
  • Sang-Hyun Song: President of International Criminal Court and has received the Distinguished SNU Members Award in 2018.
  • Young-soo Shin: Regional Director for Western Pacific at the World Health Organization.
  • Kim Ki-Young: Popular film director in the psychosexual and melodramatic horror film genre

Several other celebrities who studied at Seoul National University have made their mark across the world.

Seoul National University offers various exchange programs and has faculty from different communities. The superior field of research created has helped to make a healthy environment for the student. Ever since the establishment, the university keeps growing, and there is no looking back.

Seoul National University Acceptance Rate

Comparatively, the acceptance rate of Seoul National University is very low. To get into the university is harder than getting into Stanford and Harvard. The general acceptance rate of Seoul National University is 18%. You need to be very academically competent to get into Seoul National University.

I hope that this article on acceptance rate at Seoul National University was helpful. If you want to see the acceptance rate at other Korean universities, visit Korea Acceptance Rate Category.