Shanghai Jiao Tong University Acceptance Rate

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Acceptance Rate

A lot of universities have garnered recognition as one of the top universities in China. One of these universities is the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Because of the prestige of Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a major research institution in Shanghai, many aspirants aim to qualify and study here. In this article, we will be discussing Shanghai Jiao Tong University acceptance rate. Before we go further, let us first get a glimpse of what Shanghai Jiao Tong University really is.

Currently, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is recognized as one of the major universities in Shanghai that has a flagship in research. Having been established in 1896 as Nanyang Public School, it has flourished.

Ever since the 1930s until today, this prestigious university has been dubbed as the MIT of the East. It is also a member of the elite C9 League and is a Double First-Class University.

As of the present the SJTU houses 31 departments under the fields of Engineering, Sciences, Life Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and more. The university currently offers over 60 undergraduate courses under these fields, over 200 postgraduate Master’s Degrees, over 200 Doctorate Degrees, and about 28 Post-doctorate programs.

If ever you decide to enroll at SJTU, the university has campuses in Xuhui, Minhang, South Chongqing Road, Qibao, Shangzhong Road, Fahuazhen Road, and Lingang. It is also noteworthy to remember that the institution has already housed talented alumni like Cai E (famous general), Shao Lizi (famous politician and educator), Yao Ming (famous athlete), Yao Tongbin (famous scientist), Mao Daolin (CEO of Sina), and many more.

What is the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Acceptance Rate

This well-known fame of the university and the great quality of education that a student can get make people scramble to get a chance to get in. However, to be able to get admitted you must first pass the admission or entrance test and must get a good score. At an estimate, SJTU’s acceptance rate is 10%, even less, so anyone who aspires to be a student must work extremely hard. Now although this acceptance rate is a bit steep compared to the other universities, this is because the university only aims to preserve the good quality of education and the students. 

If you manage to pass the college entrance exam, you will be required to submit a complete set of the requirements and submit to the Admission Board. Submitting a complete set of requirements is very important because missing even one of the important papers, can make the admission committee disregard your application.

For international students, however, there is good news. The acceptance rate is much higher for international students, and it is estimated that for Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the rate is 32%.

Though the admission to join Shanghai Jiao Tong University can be quite intimidating, the benefits and the excellence that a successful admission brings is simply incomparable. The university also offers some scholarship programs that aspirants can avail. If you wish to avail of these scholarships, you can. This is especially helpful for those students who have good potentials but cannot afford to go to SJTU.

With this, hopefully, this article will help clear out your mind with regards to Shanghai Jiao Tong University and its acceptance rate. Just work hard and aim to get accepted. If you want to learn about other universities acceptance rate, visit China Acceptance Rate Category.