Sogang University Acceptance Rate

Sogang University Acceptance Rate

Based in South Korea, Sogang University has made its mark as the top liberal arts and research institute. And undoubtedly, due to such extreme popularity students across the world have been applying each year to get into Sogang. Being a co-educational University, Sogang features a huge number of students. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Sogang University.

Sogang University was established in 1960 by the Society of Jesus. The main aim behind the establishment of the university was to promote education based on Jesuit education philosophy inspired Catholic beliefs. Well, Sogang University has its sister universities situated Boston College, Sophia University, Georgetown Universit, and Fordham University globally. This further enables the students of Sogang to study abroad easily in collaboration with these universities.

Based in Seoul South Korea, the urban campus is spread across an area of 53 acres. The University has 439 full time and 741 part time staffs. The University has both, undergraduate and postgraduate programs imparted to 15,111 students. 11,1999 students are enrolled under the undergraduate program while 3,912 students are enrolled under postgraduate programs. The mascot of the university is an Albatross signifying truth and significance. The major colors of the university are scarlet and silver, symbolizing martyrdom, loyalty, Holy spirit, and history.

Sogang University has 27 departments spread across nine schools for undergraduate students. It also has six professional graduate schools, five special graduate schools, and one graduate school. It has a special business school for the students interested in the business department.

Sogang University is one of the most diverse and reputed universities in Korea. Based on the high school academic performance, only the top 1% of students get a chance to enroll themselves in the colleges. It is considered to be one of the top 3 private universities of South Korea. However, due to the lack of a medical school, Sogang University is less popular as compared to other universities.

I hope that you know beforehand that Sogang University is a great university. Therefore, you will receive a great education if you choose to study there. A good news for international students is that the Sogang University acceptance rate for international students is not that high!

Being one of the top 3 private universities, many students across the world take admission in this University. Compared to other campuses, Sogang is probably one of the most diverse ones. This is because students from over 80 countries are enrolled in this University. Hence, the university has an abundance of international students. Apart from regular studies, the students also get a chance to enjoy life as they get the opportunity to visit concerts, have an amazing nightlife and more. If you do not believe this, you can check out the website for all the reviews are mentioned there.

Various ranking systems have often termed Sogang as one of the most prestigious universities across the world. The prominent ranks of Sogang include the following

  • 22nd (Korea) and 769th (world)- CWUR
  • 57th (Asia) and 441st-450th (world)- Top Universities
  • 95th (Asia) and 601-800th (world)- The Times Higher Education

Despite not having a very long history, some of the notable alumni members of Sogang University include

  • Yoon Min-Joong- Chemist
  • Kim Kyung-Ju
  • Park Young-sun- Member of National Assembly Minjoo Party of Korea
  • Jeon Yeo-ok

Acceptance Rate at Sogang University

The acceptance rate of Sogang University varies each year depending on the number of applications and credit of the students. The international students have a golden opportunity as it is easier for them to get enrolled in the university just like the other Korean Universities. For international students, the Sogang University acceptance rate is estimated to be 46%.

Getting into Sogang University is somewhat competitive, so you need to do well in school to get in. Remember, your academic qualification holds a great significance if you want to get enrolled in the university.

I hope that this article on Sogang University acceptance rate was helpful. If you are interested in the acceptance rate at Korean universities, visit Korean Acceptance Rate Category.