Soongsil University Acceptance Rate

Soongsil University Acceptance Rate

Soongsil University is not only one of the most reputed but also the first modern university in Korea. This is usually because the university was found during the year 1897. The foundation of the university was laid by Christian Missionary, William M Baird. Each year, several students from across the world apply in Soongsil University, also known as SSU, to get admission. However, only a handful of them is able to get into it based on their merits. The acceptance rate at Soongsil University will be discussed in this article.

Soongsil University was established on October 10, 1987. The urban campus of the university is situated in Sangdo-to Dongjak-Gu, Seoul. This private Christian University can be found in central Seoul. Anyone trying to get in Soongsil University must have strong educational merit. The University is mainly famous on the grounds of business, IT, and economics.

Soongsil too is one of those South Korean Institutions that is extremely rich in its history. When Korea lost its sovereignty, Soongsil came out as the national liberalization. It became a part of the national independence movement, proving to be one of the most efficient services. It also was closed down under the grounds of forced worshipping for Japanese shrines. Despite having such a rough history, Soongsil always emerged out stronger than before.

Soongsil has about 13,600 undergraduate students in different departments and schools. The University is famous for its contribution to the IT and science sector. The students qualifying from Soongsil University have found themselves placed in some of the largest tech companies in the world.

The foundation for the Graduate school was laid down in 1972, with several students enrolling in it over the year. Currently, there are about 14,000 graduate students in the school. Each one gives way to different creativity and theories which have proved to be fruitful in different levels. All these students are enrolled under different graduate programs such as 43 Master’s degree and 38 Doctoral. The graduate school supports exchange programs with various foreign schools thereby also promoting cross-cultural exchange.

Although Soongsil University graduates are very successful, the acceptance rate at Soongsil University is not as high as other Korean universities. You should take this to your advantage and consider applying, if not alreadly.

Soongsil University believes in the welfare of its students and thrives on making an effort to improve the surroundings for the children. Soongsil University has a comfortable urban campus spread across a large area. The motto of the university is to promote Truth and Service. Thus the university aims at uplifting the moral values of students. The service factor cannot be denied as they had already proved themselves in the past.

The University currently boasts of more than 1,400 academic staff for both, graduate and undergraduate programs. The academic staff is well experienced, talented individuals who have been brought in the university to bring educational development in the children.

The ranking of Soongsil University is listed as below

  • 25th in Korea- Ranking Web of Universities
  • 13th in Korea- UniRank
  • 251-260th in Asia- Top Universities

Soongsil University has always been able to maintain its rank in the top 100 Universities of Asia.

 Park Won-sang and Park Joo-Ho are some of the notable alumni from Soongsil University.

Soongsil University Acceptance Rate

Soongsil University undoubtedly has made its mark in the world. Internationally students are accepted based on their educational merit and are granted scholarships too. The estimated acceptance rate at Soongsil University is 57%. This is not a high acceptance rate, so you definitely should consider submitting your application.

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