Tongji University Acceptance Rate

Tongji University Acceptance Rate

It is indeed true that length any educational institution has rendered its service to provide education the people often relates to the quality of education it can provide. Backed with over a hundred years of history, Tongji University is one of those universities who can back their history with the number of well-educated individuals it has sired. In this article, we will be discussing the acceptance rate at Tongji University.

Founded in 1907 by the government of Germany represented by the German physicians and delegates stationed in Shanghai, Tongji University is one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in mainland China. The school was originally linked with the hospital that the German physicians in Shanghai established. At that time, it was originally designated as the German Medical School for the Chinese However, in 1912, engineering was added into its course offerings and it was renamed as the German Medical and Engineering School for the Chinese in Shanghai. In 1924, the medical and engineering school was formally recognized as a Chinese university with the name Tongji University. In 1927, it was renamed as the National Tongji University.

When the Sino-Japanese war broke out, Tongji University was relocated to the Zhejiang province. But in later years, due to the dire times, it was relocated again for the second time to Jiangxi province and the third time to Yunnan province, and then to Sichuan province. In 1946, when the war has simmered down a bit and things are not as on edge, it was moved back to its original location in Shanghai. There it expanded its courses and began to offer sciences, law, and arts apart from engineering and medicine. The university continued to grow further and by 1952, it became widely known for the great quality of its engineering and architecture courses. It also introduced urban planning to the public which was a first in China.

Today, Tongji University has risen to such heights and is now housing over 50,000 students and four campuses: Siping (Main), Jiading, and the West and North campuses. The courses have also thoroughly expanded into 81 undergraduate degrees, over 150 master’s courses, over 50 doctorate programs, and 13 post-doctorate stations. To this day, it has remained at the helm of the Civil Engineering and Architecture with the university consistently landing at the 1st rank.

Acceptance Rate at Tongji University

Being a prestigious university, the manner at which Tongji University selects its students have also changed. The estimated acceptance rate at Tongji University is 42%. The main attracting factor that the selection committee looks at is performance especially in the field of engineering. If you pass the tests the show high aptitude to engineering and architecture then there is a high possibility that you will be selected. However, there are also others factors to consider so if you are not as good in either engineering or architecture there are still other areas you can excel in to garner the sight of the Tongji University on you.

Tongji University is indeed a great choice among many universities, especially for those who are looking to pursue engineering or any architectural course. If you are aiming to advance on either of these two fields, then Tongji can help get you there.

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