University of Aberdeen Acceptance Rate

University of Aberdeen Acceptance Rate

The University of Aberdeen was founded in 1495 and has a proud tradition of academic excellence which continues into its sixth century. A multi million pound investment has provided students and researchers with some of its facilities in the United Kingdom. Institutes and research centers cutting across boundaries of multiple disciplines bring experts from different fields together. These experts work with their counterparts across the United Kingdom and even beyond, to work on big issues of today’s times. In this article, we will be looking at acceptance rate at University of Aberdeen.

The University of Aberdeen is divided into 12 different schools for the purposes of teaching. This includes a wide range of disciplines.  Students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level are benefited by the teachings of academic staff who are also active in research. Many of these academicians are also involved in global collaborations at the head of discoveries within their respective areas of interest. The focus for them is to find solutions to the problems that are being faced by the economy and society today.

The Aberdeen Business School lies at the heart of the university. It is an international leading provider of excellent undergraduate and postgraduate education. The business school boasts of an international faculty who have more than 40 members actively engaged in research. The business school faculty has world class academic credentials. They also have very strong professional links with the government, other universities and the business community.

As you can see from above, students who graduate from University of Aberdeen can have great success after they graduate. There are many students who apply to the university, and many get in because of the high acceptance rate at University of Aberdeen. So, if you want to study here, I highly recommend you to apply.

The undergraduate program for MA Arts and Social Sciences is very flexible and offers the students a wide variety of subjects and a lot of freedom so that they can devise their own individual programs of study. Apart from MA, the Arts and Social Sciences school also provides the options of undergraduate degrees in Education, Divinity, Music and Law.

Life Sciences and Medicine provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to students from all across the world. This school is a research led center that is full of vigor and offers first class teaching to its students.

The school incorporating the physical sciences is located at the heart of the oil and gas industry in the United States. This school provides for an extensive menu of energy and engineering related degree programs, which find strong support from the industry, and is reflective of the current and future needs of the sector.

The postgraduate research school functions in tandem with the professional services members and academic schools to give the students a better postgraduate experience. It helps students in connecting with other students coming from different disciplines. The school also assists students in their career and professional development via a wide network of employers and mentors who the students get to network with.

Acceptance Rate at University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen happens to be the 2nd most affordable city in the United Kingdom according to the Royal Bank of Scotland Student Living Index 2017. It also is one of the largest campuses in Europe to be covered by a wireless network.

So, given that you have a great university and the city is very affordable, everyone would want to come to this university for their education. Not everyone can get in though, and the estimated acceptance rate at University of Aberdeen is 64%.

I hope that this article on University of Aberdeen acceptance rate was helpful. If you want to see acceptance rates at other universities, visit UK Acceptance Rate Category.