University of Birmingham Acceptance Rate

University of Birmingham Acceptance Rate

The University of Birmingham, which also goes by the name of Birmingham University, is a public institution working in the field of research and is located at Birmingham, United Kingdom. The university got its royal charter in the year 1900. The beginnings of the University of Birmingham were in the form of the Queen’s college, which started its operations in the year 1825, and the Mason college, which was founded back in 1875. The University of Birmingham was the very first red brick university that was opened in the United Kingdom. The term “red brick university” is used to refer to the nine public schools that were opened to serve the major British industrial centers back in the 1900s. The University of Birmingham belongs to the elite Russell Group, which is a group of 24 high-class research institutions in the United Kingdom.

The University of Birmingham has approximately 22,400 students enrolled in undergraduate programs and 12,000 enrolled in graduate programs. Close to 8,000 of these students come from countries other than the United Kingdom. The university was ranked as the 118th best institution of the world as per the report published by the United States News and World. The university was also ranked as the 10th best in the United Kingdom and 62nd in the world by the QS World University Rankings. The Complete University Guide ranked the university as the 5th best in the United Kingdom for its graduate school programs.

In the previous paragraph, the University of Birmingham is quite renown for its academic excellence. Many students expect that getting into University of Birmingham is competitive because of it, but actually, the acceptance rate is not too low as you will see later in the article.

The University of Birmingham consists of five different colleges: The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences; The College of Arts and Law; The College of Medical and Dental Sciences; The College of Life and Environmental Sciences; and The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Each of these colleges is further subdivided into various schools.

The University of Birmingham has 9 libraries, the most famous of these is the Shakespeare Institute  Library. The Shakespeare Institute Library is considered to be the primary source in the United Kingdom for the purposes of studying the Renaissance literature which also includes the good works of William Shakespeare. The University of Birmingham Medical school is considered to be one of the biggest schools for the study of medicine in Europe, which has close to 500 students enrolled in various programs.

The University of Birmingham also has a lot of programs that are ranked very highly. For example, the university’s school of computer science is ranked as number one in the United Kingdom as per the Guardian University Guide; the School of Philosophy is ranked at number 3, and the Department of Political Science is ranked at number 4 in the United Kingdom and at number 22 internationally.

Acceptance Rates at University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham boasts of some popular names such as Neville Chamberlain, former Prime Minister of England, four Nobel Prize laureates and Perry Christie, former Prime Minister of the Bahamas. No wonder then, that a lot of students want to fall in their footsteps and dream of attending this prestigious university.

The acceptance rate at the University of Birmingham is 73%. Although this seems like a high number, it does not mean that the University provides inferior education. In contrast, as you can see, the University of Birmingham produced great people.

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