University of Calgary Acceptance Rate

University of Calgary Acceptance Rate

The University of Calgary, also called UofC or UCalgary, is one of the top research academic institutions in Canada, known for its innovative learning and teaching. Due to the location, it maintains close ties with the enterprising petroleum and geoscience industry. The university strives to offer quality higher education and, at the same time, play a vital role in the intellectual life of the local community. University of Calgary was established at the beginning of the 20th century as a school training primary and secondary teachers. Originally a branch of the University of Alberta, it became an autonomous institution in 1966. The affiliation with what is known today as Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity further boosted UofC’s position in the academic world. Many of its sports facilities were used in the XV Winter Olympic Games. In 2007 a campus in Doha, Qatar was opened, offering an undergraduate degree in nursing.

University of Calgary’s environmental focus is best reflected in the recent expansion of the West Wing which led to the opening of the first sustainable building on campus. The university’s main campus, with a large park and pond, is located approximately 10 kilometers north from Calgary and is bigger than the city’s downtown. UofC’s resources include libraries (also a digital one), art galleries and a university press.

University of Calgary is modeled on other American universities both in terms of governance and training. The Senate is responsible for all academic policies whilst the Board of Governors oversees financial matters. Specialized course work and the completion of a research thesis are the basis of graduate degrees. The university has 14 faculties, 53 departments, and over 85 research institutes and centers, offering a wide range of degrees (bachelors, masters and PhDs). Approximately 30,000 students can choose from over 200 academic programs, ranging from law and medicine, architecture and social sciences to energy and business studies. The university employs nearly 4,500 academic staff. 60% of undergraduate students come from overseas. The most notable alumni include: the co-founder of Uber (Garrett Camp), the inventor of the computer Java language (James Gosling), the CEO of HSBC (Peter Wong) and the former CEO of Mozilla (Gary Kovacs).

University of Calgary grants numerous scholarships and offers its students the possibility to study abroad. Since 1994 it has also awarded 114 Orders of the University of Calgary. UofC’s official colors are red, gold and black. The motto on the coat of arms comes from Gaelic and can be translated as “I will lift up my eyes”. One of the most popular student traditions is the “Bermuda Shorts Day”, celebrated in April. In 2001, the university’s tartan was accredited by the appropriate Scottish authority, making it the first such accreditation in Canada.

Acceptance Rate at University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is currently ranked 107th in the world and 7th in Canada. The university has one of the highest revenues in the whole country: over USD 1.2 billion; one third comes from sponsored research. Tuition rates range from USD 5,000-7,500 for domestic students and USD 10,000-17,500 for overseas students. It is estimated that the acceptance rate at the University of Calgary is 24%. Entrance examinations and students’ past academic record and grades are taken into consideration when accepting students.

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