University of Essex Acceptance Rate

University of Essex Acceptance Rate

The centers and institutes of The University of Essex are a melting pot for new ideas. They are places for world-class academicians to kindle new debates, to break free of disciplinary borders and to mingle and exchange their expertise. In this article, we will discuss the process of becoming a part of this university by discussing the acceptance rate at the University of Essex.

The university has won international laurels for its work in human rights, data analytics and scientific research on social subjects. The member institutes of the university offer applicable insights and impact by way of bringing together academicians from different departments and disciplines to work on research. They mix with a wide variety of external parties at both national and international levels from national governments and NGOs all the way to the European Union and the United Nations.

The researchers at the university are daring, and visionaries who are perpetually asking hard questions and giving out answers that help you get answers to your most difficult questions in life.  They look at problems that you are affected by either now or will be in future – from how your online presence has a bearing on your human rights to how it will be possible to feed the growing population of the world. Their awesome research affects thinking and has a great influence on policy. The university has helped governments in modeling the outcomes of their economic policies and molded the global discussions on reforming of laws regarding mental health.

The university is in top 25 with respect to research quality according to the Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019. It has over 30 institutes and research centers spanning different disciplines. The students get extensive open access to the research repositories of the university.

Students who graduate from the University of Essex do great things. If you want to be a part of the University, you need to apply and get accepted. Fortunately for prospective students, the University accepts many students who apply because of the high acceptance rate at the University of Essex.

The most pressing problems of the world do not go according to the boundaries of disciplines, and the University of Essex encourages students and researchers to take a broader view along with an interdisciplinary approach. The students are encouraged to stay involved with research being carried out in their departments. There are enough opportunities for the students to make a mark while getting priceless experience for their career, all the way from getting to speak at various conferences to assist in the laboratories.

The university figures in the top 5 in the United Kingdom for social sciences (REF 2014). It is also in top 30 according to The Times. 8 of its departments featured in QS World Rankings 2016. The university is also ranked amongst the top 20 in the United Kingdom for research excellence (REF 2014)

The chances are that you will need to spend quite some time in the library while you are staying at the university. That is precisely why the university makes sure that they have everything that you may ever dream of that may help you in your studies. The university boasts of 3 libraries and study facilities that are open 24/7 and it makes sure that you can get anything you need at the snap of a finger. No matter what you need, the library is there to help you, whether you need space for out of hours chat, one on one meeting with the librarians, silent spaces for study or online resources

Acceptance Rate at University of Essex

The university has an acceptance rate of 64%, so if you are a decent student, you should be able to make it through the application process and succeed in being a part of this prestigious university. Good luck with your application and we hope you make it.

I hope that this article on the acceptance rate at the University of Essex was helpful. If you are interested in learning about the acceptance rate at other universities, visit United Kingdom Acceptance Rate Category.