University of Exeter Acceptance Rates

University of Exeter Acceptance Rates

The University of Exeter combines world-class research with some excellent student satisfaction at its campuses in Cornwall and Exeter. The university is a member of the elite Russell Group comprising of leading research intensive universities. Formed in 1955, the University of Exeter has 22,085 students drawn from more than 130 different countries. The success of the university is built upon strong partnerships with its students and a very clear focus on high performance. This article will discuss the University of Exeter acceptance rate.

The skills that you develop during your stay at Exeter will be valued by employers both in the United Kingdom as well as internationally. The graduates help the organizations they work for in thinking creatively, innovating better and achieving more. The university’s reputation and that of its graduates and postgraduates are second to none. When you begin the journey of your career, it is very important to the university that you do have the correct range of business-critical skills that the employers demand, beyond specialized subject knowledge alone.

The graduates and postgraduates of the university are regularly employed by big multinational organizations such as Reuters, PwC and Jaguar Land Rover; and in the public services as well within the local governments, National Health Service and the Armed forces. The university also has an excellent record in student entrepreneurship. The career zone has associations with small and big organizations across all sectors. Individual advice and guidance are mixed together with organized programs and skills sessions, to help the students achieve what they need in order to get the jobs that they want or make their own business succeed. Your time in your degree course will go very quickly so be sure to take advantage of the help and support that the university can offer. Also, check out the acceptance rate at the University of Exeter if you want to be a part of the university!

The university keeps on conducting some events and services to help its students. “Career Zone” is an award-winning career service where the students can access career advice and resources while they enhance their interviewing and application skills.”My Career Zone” provides an online hub taking care of all aspects of your skill development and career planning needs. This also includes access to vacancies which are being advertised by over 700 employers. “Career Fairs” are very popular and are attended by numerous local and multinational companies and organizations. “Skills Training” workshops and seminars are conducted to address all aspects of career development, selection, and recruitment. “Exeter Award and Exeter Leaders Award” boosts the experience and abilities to demonstrate to employers that you have actually developed skills that are transferable. “Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Sessions” develop skills of the students for enterprise and self-employment. If you are looking to start your own business, you can get support here.

The dedicated Global Employability Team builds strong relationships with some key global employers to support the career aspirations of its students. The university has a network of over 300 international employers including Deloitte, HSBC, IBM, PwC, Mars, EY, Toshiba, Bosch, and Siemens.

Acceptance Rate at University of Exeter

With so much support that the university provides to its students and the quality of education provided by the university, the University of Exeter is a favored destination for a lot of domestic and international students. The acceptance rate this university is 83%, so if you are a good student, you should be able to get in.

I hope that you enjoyed learning about the acceptance rate at the University of Exeter. If you are interested, visit UK Acceptance Rate Category!