University of Guelph Acceptance Rate

University of Guelph Acceptance Rate

The Canadian University of Guelph, commonly known as U of G, is home to the international initiative of identifying species, called Barcode of Life. A big part of the campus is a 165-hectare Arboretum. The Canadian Space Agency partners with the university in research pertaining to Mars. According to student poles, U of G has one of the best student lives in The whole country. The university’s marketing team have recently launched a campaign, branding Guelph as the university that “turns knowledge into action”. As the title implies, we will discuss the acceptance rate at the University of Guelph in this article.

The university takes its name from the town where it is located which, in turn, refers to the monarch who founded it. King George IV was a descendant of a German family called Guelph.

U of G is the result of the 1964 merger of three post-secondary Ontario institutions: The Veterinary College, the Agricultural College and the MacDonald Institute that was meant to train women in the so-called “domestic sciences”. Since its establishment, it has undergone a few more changes and faculty divisions. However, it still focuses strongly on life sciences.

U of G has facilities in Guelph, Ridgetown, and Toronto. The core campus is very green. The Experimental Farm, purchased by the Ontario Government from a local farmer in 1874, can be considered its first, historic site. Numerous other buildings date back to those days as well. Many newer facilities were added in the 20th century. The 21-century Science Complex combines both research and training facilities and focuses on veterinary advancements related to public health and disease prevention. Libraries, student housing, art studios and a  sports complex complete the campus design.

Over 30,000 local and international students are currently enrolled in various undergraduate and post-graduate programs, taught by nearly 2,000 academic staff. If you want to be part of the student body, you do need to apply and get accepted. To see how likely you are to getting admitted, the key metric to see is the University of Guelph acceptance rate. So, keep on reading for more information.

The university offers various modes of studying, amongst them the off-campus transfer of knowledge at its Ridgetown campus. U of G is most famous in the world for its veterinary program. The tourism and management program is strongly valued in Canada. Other courses include arts, applied human sciences, computer science, theatre studies and engineering, amongst others. The most famous alumni include: Canada’s first female astronaut, Roberta Bondar; software development and businessman, Tim Bray; Canadian-Indian YouTuber, Rupan Bal and many present days local and state politicians.

The University of Guelph’s Latin motto “To learn the reasons of realities” explain its purpose and main focus. The coat of arms includes the three official colors: red, yellow and black. Painting of an old cannon, fondly called Old Jeremiah, with announcements and messages, is one of the long-standing and creative student traditions on campus. During the orientation, all prospective students at Guelph are taught the “winding the toy” dance move, origins of which remain a mystery.

Acceptance Rate at University of Guelph

Guelph received nearly $150 million for research purposes in 2017. The average tuition fee socialites around C$6,500. U of G is currently ranked 501-600 in the world. High school grades are the main criterion determining admission chances. The estimated acceptance rate at the University of Guelph is 62%.

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