University of Leeds Acceptance Rate

University of Leeds Acceptance Rate

The University of Leeds was founded in 1904. It is probably one of the largest sized establishments in the United Kingdom. The university has won many honors and awards in the international community for its work in high-quality research and teaching. In this article, we will be discussing the acceptance rate at the University of Leeds.

The University started its operation in 1904. The roots of the university go all the way back to the 19th century. A bunch of young lads started the Leeds School of Medicine in 1831 which resulted in the students not having to go to Scotland, London or travel internationally to finish their studies. The Yorkshire College of Science started taking students almost 40 years after. The reason this college came into existence was largely due to the concerns raised by the wool and textile industries that rapid developments of newer technologies in Europe would pose a serious threat to the local cloth market.

As far as the kids of local families were concerned, they saw it as one of the first colleges that were open to students coming from all sorts of faiths and backgrounds. It was ensured that the college followed the same set of values as that of the recently opened University College, London and Owens College that was launched in Manchester. These colleges were established to directly pose a challenge to colleges like Oxford and Cambridge Universities who used to very exclusive in choosing who they admitted and primarily served the Anglican aristocrats and fine gentry.

In stark contrast to this, the teaching establishments of the new era opened their doors to all religions that included Catholics, Jews, agnostics and Dissenters. Apart from this, they paid particular attention to ensure that the demands of technology of the fast-changing Victorian times were being met. Right from the word go, the college went full throttle using all its resources to better scientific studies.

It did not take very long for all the cities to begin considering the benefits that came from establishing their own universities. Once Liverpool and Manchester had taken the plunge and created their own universities, Leeds also took the plunge and the university soon got its own charter as an independent establishment by King Edward VII in 1904.

When the Yorkshire College got its Royal Charter, 7 out of 8 students originated from Yorkshire. The University of Leeds still gets a lot of its crowd coming from all UK. What however has changed is that a large part of newcomers come to this international multi-cultural establishment from other countries as well.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Leeds

You too can attend this prestigious university. The acceptance rate at the University of Leeds is 69.4% means that if you pay attention to your grades and do a decent job on the college application, you should not find it too difficult to get in.

I hope that this article on the University of Leeds acceptance rate was informative. If you are interested in other universities, I highly suggest going to United Kingdom Acceptance Rate Category.