University of Leicester Acceptance Rate

University of Leicester Acceptance Rate

Situated in the very heart of the United Kingdom, the University of Leicester is a university that is a leader in its commitment to international excellence, high-quality inspirational teaching, and world-class research. The university was founded in 1921 and it is just a 15-minute walk from the city center of the city of Leicester. It is also just 1 hour away from London if you choose to travel by train. The university has more than 20,000 students enrolled in various programs and provides employment to around 4,000 staff members. This article will focus on the acceptance rate at the University of Leicester.

The university has more than 30 different departments and all of them provide a wide variety of different programs. The University takes pride in its theory of providing flexibility and choice to its students, with close to 300 courses one can choose from in the areas including Sociology, Ancient History and Archaeology, Biology, Criminology, Education, English Literature, Geography, History of Art, Chemistry, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Engineering, Film Studies, History, Geosciences, Psychology, Informatics, Politics and International Relations, Management, Physics and Astronomy, Law, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Physiotherapy, Medical Sciences, Modern Languages, Media and Communication and Medicine.

The university has consistently ranked amongst the top 250 universities in the world. The staff and students of the university are also drawn from all over the globe. It currently stands at the 159th slot according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It also ranks very well, 34th, in the Sunday Times Good University Guide and 53rd according to the Guardian University Guide. The university has also been awarded the Silver band by the Teaching Excellence Framework.

I hope that you can see that University of Leicester is an excellent university, and also, it has a high acceptance rate, which is good for the prospective students.

This is a university that is engaged in very intensive research, and the staff of the university is always busy with conducting research that is groundbreaking, setting new directions in their field of work and all of it is aimed at making the United Kingdom and the world better. This is the university where generic fingerprinting was invented in 1984. It was here that stellar black holes were identified and this university is the home to the team that found and identified the remains of King Richard III.

The courses taught at the University of Leicester create graduates who are ready for work so they can quickly adapt to the workplace of the future. The University has a very good reputation with the choicest of employers who count on the university to find graduates who can contribute to their bottom line and ones that can rise in local and global communities to reach the highest levels. The representatives from various sectors of the industry visit the campus all year round, offering talks and workshops on different paths of career. The quality of teaching at the University of Leicester has been consistently getting high accolades including the awards from the National Teaching Fellowships.

University of Leicester Acceptance Rate

So, now you can see what a great place the University of Leicester can be. You too can be a part of this great institution of learning and research if you just take care of your grades and the application process. It is not too hard to get in with the acceptance rate being 65.3%.

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