University of Reading Acceptance Rate

University of Reading Acceptance Rate

Do you want to know the acceptance rate at University of Reading? If so, you have come to the right article! In this article, we will be discussing the admission rate at University of Reading. Before we do that, however, we will be introducing you to University of Reading.

The University of Reading reached a landmark of its own in 2016. It celebrated its 90th anniversary of receiving the royal charter. The main part of the event was held on Thursday, 17th March which was the same day 90 years back when the royal charter was granted. In 1972, Reading became the first UK university who integrated a development and industrial group on its premises. Reading is now acclaimed to be the top research led university in the United Kingdom. The university boasts of more than 50 world class research centers. These research centers are designated as international centers of excellence in areas of biological and physical sciences, agriculture, European histories and culture, and meteorology.

The research carried out at the university has been divided into five different themes: Food, Environment, Property & Resilience, Heritage & Creativity and Health. All of these five research themes are left open ended and they overlap in a lot of places. They are recognized as the core areas of strength in research at the University of Reading.

The university follows a distinct approach where they cross traditional boundaries a lot. This allows the university to undertake impactful research driven by curiosity. It enables the academicians at the university to address the global problems that are being faced by business, environment and society. These problems often require that the researchers have skills and knowledge drawn from all subjects across Humanities,  Social, Arts, Natural and Physical sciences.

The university has won the Queens’s Anniversary Prize for Higher Education 4 times, winning in 1998, 2006, 2009 and 2012. The University of Reading became the first university ever to win the Queens’s Award for Export Achievement.

I hope that you can see that this university has a strong curriculum, and if you succeed in your studies at University of Reading, you will most likely be successful. So, if you would like to study here, you will want to know the acceptance rate at University of Reading, which will be discussed later on.

The campuses of the University are spread across Greenlands, London Road, Whiteknights and also Malaysia. The historically rich campuses of the University are evidence of their rich heritage. The site on London Road (which falls in central parts of Reading) was donated by the Palmer family associated with the famous biscuit manufacturers Huntley & Palmer in 1904. London road campus now houses the Institute of Education.

After having a century full of experience in educating international students, the University of Reading is now establishing its first international campus in Malaysia. The campus in Malaysia is really a milestone for the university and a natural extension as the university has enjoyed close ties with Malaysia over the last couple of years.

Acceptance Rate at University of Reading

Now, who would not want to be part of such a buzzing university and maybe a chance to visit Malaysia. You can do that if you get accepted to University of Reading. The university is really sought after by a whole lot of students, but the good news is, the university accepts a lot of students too. It is estimated that the acceptance rate at University of Reading is 58%. So if you did well in your previous academic institution, you will be likely be accepted at University of Reading.

I hope that this article on Acceptance Rate at University of Reading was helpful. If you want to know about acceptance rates at other universities, visit UK Acceptance Rate Category.