University of Victoria Acceptance Rate

University of Victoria Acceptance Rate

The University of Victoria, nicknamed UVic, boasts the title of the oldest higher education school in British Columbia. It has an asteroid named after it. Many of the university’s academic staff are recipients of prestigious awards, such as Nobel Prize or Order of Canada. The majority of UVic’s buildings are heritage listed and a large part of the campus is a natural habitat. The Faculty of Law is one of the best ones in the whole country. In this article, we will look at the acceptance rate at the University of Victoria.

As the name suggests, the university is located within the Greater Victoria municipality​. ​Founded as Victoria College in 1903, it was closely affiliated with McGill University until it gained autonomy in 1963.

At the beginning, the university shared facilities with Victoria High School. In the 20th century, for approximately 20 years, it occupied the historic Craigdarroch Castle but needed to move to new facilities in 1946 due to space constraints. The main campus is situated very close to the Pacific Ocean and was designed by the team of architects behind Berkley and Stanford Universities. A significant aspect of the campus’s design is its circular shape, emphasising collaboration and sharing. Amongst notable campus facilities is the First Peoples House which provides a safe haven for Indigenous students. There are also numerous libraries, an art museum, student housing facilities, and sculpted gardens.

The university’s nine faculties ​run numerous programs in science, engineering, business, law, humanities, arts or social sciences. Over 40,000 under- and postgraduate students are taught by nearly 1,000 academic staff. UVic has secured many partnerships with universities around the world and offers numerous exchange programs. For instance, ​Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, in cooperation with similar institutions in France and Korea, offers an international program for overseas students, called Master of Global Business. The most famous alumni are business people, for instance: Jeff Mallett, former COO of Yahoo!; Ryan Holmes, founder, and CEO of Hootsuite; Mark Hill, co-founder of WestJet airlines; and Richard Flury, former CEO of BP. Also, the co-founder of Flickr is amongst the most notable alumni.

The University is famous for producing great alumni such as the alumni mentioned above. If you would like to be a part of the university, you can do so by applying! A fortunate news is that it is not as difficult as you think because University of Victoria acceptance rate is not very competitive.

The university’s motto is a combination of a Hebrew sentence, “Let there be light”, and a Latin one, “A multitude of the wise is the health of the world”. The three official colours are red, gold and blue, and the coat of arms refers to the previous affiliations with both McGill University and University of British Columbia. UVic’s archives house a collection of valuable artifacts from Japan. Climate change research is important – UVic’s School of Earth & Ocean Sciences runs the famous VENUS and NEPTUNE initiatives. Student fees are one of the funding sources for UVic’s student paper, The Martlet, that often breaks controversial stories. A popular belief amongst the student body is that Cadborosaurus (or Caddy) – a mythical folkloric sea serpent – lives in the ocean nearby.

Acceptance Rate at University of Victoria

The University of Victoria receives significant research grants on a regular basis. It is considered to be a very popular and selective post-secondary institution in terms of admission applications. Apart from the grades, the candidates are asked to provide personal statements.​ ​UVic is currently ranked 301-350 in the world. The estimated acceptance at Victoria University is 68%. If you would like to study here, you should definitely apply!

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