University of York Acceptance Rate

University of York Acceptance Rate

The University of York has been consistently ranking as one of the best universities in the United Kingdom, and it has been setting up its students for continued success for more than half a century. The university is currently ranked an impressive 16th overall in the United Kingdom (according to the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide) and it has made a reputation for itself due to its high-quality teaching and excellent research. In this article, we will discuss the acceptance rate at the University of York.

The city of York also shows a promise of amazing times that the students can look forward to. The city of York has a rich history and happens to be a very exciting destination set in the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. The University is also in the United Kingdom’s top 20 for the student experience that it offers (as per the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide). The real reason, however, for you to attend this prestigious university will be to improve your chances at starting on a successful career. This is one area where the University of York really does a marvelous job.

So, do you want to study at University of York? If so, one of the things that you must know is the University of York acceptance rate, which we will discuss later.

The University of York has been, for a long time, producing graduates who have gone on to do great things in their area of work. A lot of former students have had incredible success in their careers and have made their mark in the world by the incredible work that they have done. To really see what all is possible once you get a degree from the University of York, you just need to take a look at the most notable alumni for inspiration.

  • Aníbal Cavaco Silva: He was a prominent economist and political figure in the landscape of Portugal. He served as Prime Minister of Portugal for 10 years and then became the President for another 10 years.
  • Beverly Naidoo: She is an award-winning author from South Africa who has authored a number of very popular children’s books.
  • Mahmoud Mohieldin: He is a very famous Egyptian economist and currently serving as the Senior Vice President of the World Bank Group’s 2030 Development Agenda, UN Relations, and Partnerships.
  • Han Seung-soo: He is a South Korean politician and diplomat who has previously served as Prime Minister of the country.
  • Eduardo Reck Miranda: He is a Brazilian composer who has carried out celebrated scientific research into computer music
  • Greg Dyke: He is a former Director General of the British Broadcasting Corporation, Chairman of the British Film Institute and Chairman of the Football Association (FA).
  • Ratish Nanda: He is a very successful conservation architect from India who has also been awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship.
  • Harriet Harman: She is a very senior politician in the United Kingdom, and a Labour Party Member of Parliament. She has served as temporary leader of the Labour Party two times.

University of York Acceptance Rate

These fantastic achievements by the graduates from York all show how much of a difference can a good education make to your future career prospects. Who knows; perhaps with a York degree, you could also be as famous. So take advantage of the opportunity while it is there and apply to the University of York. The acceptance rates there are 64.8%, so if you are a good student, you should have no problems getting in.

I hope that this article on acceptance rate at the University of York was helpful. If you want to know about the acceptance rate at other universities in the United Kingdom, visit United Kingdom acceptance rate category.