Western University Acceptance Rate

Western University Acceptance Rate

The University of Western Ontario (also known as UWO) is a public higher education institution in Canada. Still affiliated with the only remaining women’s college in the country, it teaches a wide variety of innovative courses and promotes leadership education programs. It is famous for its contributions to the study of HIV and other complex human pathogens. Sustainability also plays an important role at Western. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Western University.

The university was established in 1878. Linked to the Church of England at the beginning, it became non-denominational in the 20th century. After WWII, a lot of schools and faculties were added which led to substantial growth in student numbers. In 2012, the university adopted a new marketing strategy and shortened its name to “Western University,” hoping that the rebranding will help it become a more internationally recognized higher education institution, and attract more students and research grants from overseas.

Western University is located in London, Ontario. The development of the present campus began in 1920s. Most buildings are designed in the Collegiate Gothic style, with later modernist additions. The university also boasts very modern facilities, such as the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building (WIRB) where advanced studies in cognitive neuroscience are carried out.  The Middlesex Memorial Tower commemorates the soldiers who fought in WWI and is the most recognizable landmark on campus. Libraries and art galleries also form part of the university. Western owns numerous properties off campus that are grouped in three research parks, linking academics with businesses. WindEE Dome, a first of its kind, state-of-the-art hexagonal wind tunnel located in one of the parks, enables scientists to study meteorological anomalies, such as tornados, in a fully controlled way.

Western concentrates on four major research clusters: life and human sciences, cultural studies, environmental studies, and social/public/economic sciences. Nearly 2,500 staff work at 11 academic faculties and schools. The current total enrollment (including international) is over 30,000 students, pursuing undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies. They can also avail of The Western International Exchange Program and pursue courses in 85 different schools in 25 foreign countries. The most notable alumni include the Nobel Prize winner in Medicine – Sir Frederick Banting, 7th Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) – Margaret Chan and chairman of ING Direct – Arkadi Kuhlmann.

As you can see from the successful alumni, the university’s academics is pretty solid. If you would like to attend this university, you first need to get acccepted. To be successful, the key metric that you need to consider is the acceptance rate at Western University, which we will discuss in this article.

Western’s official colors are purple and white. The Latin motto can be translated into English as “Truth and usefulness”. There are 180 student organizations and clubs, along with fraternities and sororities recognized by the University. The Don Wright Faculty of Music holds nearly 400 performances open to the public throughout the year. The popular One-Act-Play Festival is organized annually by Theatre Western.

Acceptance Rate at Western University

The estimated Western University acceptance rate is 48%. The university is currently ranked as 190th in the world. It has an operating revenue of $769.5 million. Admission to the university is not uniform and depends primarily on the education system in which the applicant has originated from. Supplemental profile, interview or audition can also be taken into consideration, according to each faculty’s individual requirements.

I hope that this article on Western University acceptance rate was helpful. If you are considering other universities in Canada, I recommend going to Canada Acceptance Rates Category.