Wuhan University Acceptance Rate

Wuhan University Acceptance Rate

A lot of students these days end up foregoing their college career because of the very steep competition. Many of the top universities receive thousands of aspiring student applicants each year. This made these universities to become picky and implement very meticulous and strict screening procedures. One of these universities that has a low acceptance rate is Wuhan University.

When it was built in 1893 around the late part of the Qing Dynasty, Wuhan University was first known as the Ziqiang Institute and only offered four courses: Nature, Mathematics, Business, and Chinese. In 1926, the university fused with the Hubei University campuses offering Medicine, Law, and Humanity and Arts, the Wuchang State Business University, and Wuchang Private Chinese University where they became collectively known as the Wuchang Sun Yat-Sen State University. Later on, the institute underwent many name changes until it was proclaimed as the National Wuhan University in 1928, among the first batch of national universities in China.

In 2000, with the approval of the Chinese State Council, it underwent another merger with former four universities: Wuhan University, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering, Wuhan University, and Hubei Medical University. From then on, the university became modernly known as Wuhan University.

The admission rate at Wuhan University is low because of its excellent. Although there are a lot of students here, even more students apply to try to get in.

Wuhan University houses over 34,000 undergraduate students, around 13,000 master’s degree students, over 7,000 doctorate degree candidates, and around 1,400 foreign students. The university has also expanded its courses offered with the addition of Literature, Economics, History, Law, Political Science, Education, Engineering, and Applied and Life Sciences.

Acceptance Rate at Wuhan University

Because of its high-grade performance and numerous contributions and achievements, the university was awarded a Double First-Class Class A standing. It is also the known university in China to be recognized by the international journal SCIENCE because of its numerous contributions in the field of research as well as because of its 125 years of providing excellent quality education.

Saddled with these heavy claims and high status, it is understandable for Wuhan University to be part of the topmost selective and meticulous universities in China. In fact, Wuhan University has an estimated acceptance rate of 36%. This means that students fight over the limited slots through their scores and performance rating, especially in the National College Examination.

Students who manage to pass the initial application and the examination are scheduled for an interview. However, outstanding applicants who manage to garner the recognition of Wuhan University are given exemption from the interview and will be offered admission directly. 


Because of its long history of providing excellent education, students who aspire to enter Wuhan University will have to show exceptional academic prowess because of its low acceptance rate. If you are interested to apply to Wuhan University, the best way to pass is to get an excellent academic standing prior and to pass the entrance exam. If you are lucky, you can even have the chance of waiving the interview if you manage to catch the eye of the admission committee and the administration.

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