Xiamen University Acceptance Rate

Xiamen University Acceptance Rate

If you are looking for the best university to apply for your college education, there are many great choices. There are quite a number of excellent universities in China that you may consider. One of them is Xiamen University, and in this article, we will be looking at Xiamen University acceptance rate.

Xiamen University is a well-known public university in China for its excellence in medicine, fine arts, journalism, communication, economics, management, mathematics, law, and chemistry. It has consistently ranked within the top 50 universities in China that is under the direct supervision of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is also one of the Class A universities with the Double First-Class standing.

Xiamen University was founded in 1921 by a Chinese diaspora overseas named Tan Kah Kee. It was first known as Amoy University as it was situated in Amoy. The administration of the university was relinquished to the government in 1937. Due to the Second Sino-Japanese War, the university location was moved to Changting. In 1946, when the Second World War ended, Amoy University was moved back to Amoy. There the university became more stable and in 1963, it was proclaimed as a key university of the state. In 1970, the name of the university was changed to its English version, Xiamen University, since when Amoy is translated to the newer English it translates to Xiamen.

I hope that you know that this university is very prestigious. To get into this university, you need to go through low Xiamen University acceptance rate.

In 2000, Xiamen University was selected as one of the participants of the Chinese 985 Project where it received financial support for the construction of facilities and buildings along with the other top universities. In 2017, it was officially recognized as part of the Double First-Class University Plan and became part of the 36 Class A universities in China.

Acceptance Rate at Xiamen University

Because of its excellent national and international standing, Xiamen University is highly known in China to be a very selective university. This means that the university does not accept just any student. The admission is especially strict for those who wish to avail of the university’s International Scholarship. It is estimated that the acceptance rate at Xiamen University is 21%.

Some of the people who managed to pass the selective screening and graduate from Xiamen are Lin Yutang (famous Chinese inventor and writer), Gregory Chow (well-known Chinese economist), Xie Xide (a past president of Fudan University), Faye Wong (famous singer), and more.

If you want to pass the initial screening, you need to get a good score in the comprehensive entrance examination first as well as submit the requirements. There is a pre-admission process and only those who pass will proceed to the next stage. Students who pass the initial screening will then be scheduled for an interview. Those who pass will be admitted successfully. However, those who have the exceptional aptitude and manage to get recognized by the university will directly receive an admission offer.


Because of the selective nature of the admission, the main factor that students who want to be successfully admitted have to focus on is passing the examination. After that, there is also an interview so it is best to prepare and practice for that as well. However, the best preparation is to work on a good grade line up in high school as high school grades are also a big hurdle if they cannot pass the initial admission.

I hope that this article on acceptance rate at Xiamen University was helpful. If you want to learn about other universities’ acceptance rates, visit China Acceptance Category.