Yeungnam University Acceptance Rate

Yeungnam University Acceptance Rate

Yeungnam University is an amalgamation of two prominent colleges of South Korea, Taegu College, and Chunggu College. This private research university is situated in Gyeongsang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea. Taegu College was founded in 147 while Chunggu College was founded in 1950 in Daegu. Back in 1967, nothing these colleges were combined by President Park Chung-hee to give way to Yeungnam University. The University is mostly popular for its law and medical schools. This article will discuss the acceptance rate at Yeungnam University. So, tune in!

The main campus of Yeungnam University was shifted to Gyeongsang, East of Daegu in 1972. The foundation of the university was laid with six colleges specializing in Liberal Arts, Law, Engineering, Political Science, Pharmacy, Commerce and Economics along with evening colleges. Both the campuses of the university, in Daegu and Gyeongsang are extremely beautiful and vast.

The University has 35 undergraduate departments and 12 graduate departments with 22,000 students enrolled in undergraduate programs while 3,500 students are enrolled under the graduate programs. All the students are given the allowance to enjoy educational and academic opportunities. The University has a vast academic faculty with over 1,000 members. The University also boasts of a helpful and cooperative academic staff, which makes the life of students easier in the university.

The University promotes foreign language as it has a Foreign Language Institute and Center for International programs. Thus, the college is very empathetic and welcoming if international students. The University promotes exchange programs with some of the major Universities across the world. It has about 38 academic research institutes which have given way to some of the prominent research programs such as NURI (New University for Regional Innovation) Program, Polymer Gel Research Cluster Center, RIC, and Brain Korea (BK21) Program. The University supports research for biomedicine, liberal arts and more. It is divided into different departments. It also supports 11 auxiliary organizations.

To conduct the international exchange programs, the university arranges symposiums, seminars and more. All these are aimed at making the global community come together to share ideas and thoughts. The students are encouraged to take part in such activities. The university has always thrived to making the university a comfortable space for all. It helps and supports the students to grow over time and bring significant developments in their future. If you would like to attend the university, fortunate news is that acceptance rate at Yeungnam University is high!

The university’s faculty have been structure keeping in mind the changing needs of the time. The environment is a comfortable one, where the students get to share ideas and grow with each other. The University aims at making its ground strong so that they can grow later on. Along with students, the university aims at progressing and growing each day too.

The rankings of the university are mentioned as follows

  • 26 (Korea) and 803 (World)- CWUR
  • 101-110th (Korea), 45 (Asia) and 601-800 (World)- Times Higher Education

The notable alumni of Yeungnam University include

  • Kim Kwang-Yong: North Gyeongsang Governor
  • Park So-jin: Singer
  • Lee Hee-Joon: Actor
  • Yang Joon-Hyuk: Professional Baseball Player

Acceptance Rates at Yeungnam University

Thus, Yeungnam University has been able to make its mark. It is one of the best universities in South Korea. The students are admitted based on their educational merit. They are awarded scholarships too. The estimated acceptance rate of Yeungnam University is 63%. This is one of the Korean universities with a higher acceptance rate.

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