Yonsei University Acceptance Rate

Korea University Acceptance Rate

Throughout the year, many students try their luck for getting into one of the most prestigious University of South Korea, Yonsei University. But, only a few of them can crack through. The acceptance rate at Yonsei University is generally lower as compared to the other universities. If you are one of those students who is trying to get into this University, you should know a little about the university and its acceptance rate.

Yonsei University is one of the leading private research institute of Seoul, South. Being one of the three SKY Universities, Yonsei University happens to be one of the most prestigious universities along with Seoul National University and Korea University. Not only prestigious, but Yonsei is also the oldest of South Korea as it was established in 1885. It is an efficient private Christian University developed in South Korea.

It would be needless to say that Yonsei University has contributed towards shaping the economic development and industrialization of Korea. The main campus of Yonsei is situated in Songdo, Incheon and was founded in 2010. The campus of Yonsei University is one sure to grab the attention of the audience. Being ranked among the Top 20 Universities of Asia, Yonsei boasts an International Campus along with the Residential College system and integrated curriculum. As you can see, Yonsei University is one of the best in the world, and therefore, the acceptance rate at Yonsei is pretty low.

The main motto of Yonsei University is, “The truth will set you free,” thereby helping to build creativity and self-motivation in students. Over time, Yonsei has been working towards developing this goal among everyone and brings about the educational experiment. The University has maintained its ranking globally and has also developed smart campuses. The combined space of educational learning along with digital infrastructure has contributed towards the growth of the University.

With some Royal Support, Yonsei University was able to develop the hospital in 1885. The University currently boasts of 29,621 students. The University also conducts international, summer and winter programs throughout the year. The University promotes 100 student clubs, sports teams and more. It promotes the eagle as its mascot.

Moreover, currently, there are 19 Undergraduate Colleges and schools under the university. As far as postgraduate schools are concerned, Yonsei has about 16 of them affiliated understand it. There are three campuses of Yonsei with the main campus in Seoul, second in Wonju and third is the Yonsei International Campus.

One of the most notable thing about Yonsei University is the wide range of famous alumni. Some of the prominent celebrities who have made their mark around the world after qualifying from Yonsei University include the following

  • Woo-Jung- founder and CEO of Daewoo Group
  • Sung-Mo Kang- President of KAIST
  • Bong Joon-ho- Movie directors in South Korea
  • Han Kang- a major novelist and 2016 Man Booker International Prize
  • Suh Kyung-bae- Chairman of Hyundai Group
  • Marvin Chu- Dean of Yale College

Yonsei University Acceptance Rate

Yonsei is one of the prominent and competitive universities around the world. According to the estimates and reports, the acceptance rate of Yonsei varies from 1-2%. The things are getting much different for international students to increase the diversity of the university. For international students, it is estimated that the acceptance rate of Yonsei is 31%. This increased number of international students is helping in increasing the ranking around the world. However, to get into the university, you need to qualify as an efficient student.

I hope that this article on Yonsei University acceptance rates was helpful. If you want to know the acceptance rates at other Korean universities, visit Korea Acceptance Rate Category.