York University Acceptance Rate

York University Acceptance Rate

York University (French: Université York) is one of Canada’s youngest higher education institutions. Located in Toronto and the third largest university in the country, it trains in the two official languages. It boasts Canada’s oldest film school and an Olympic size hockey arena. It also offers students the unique possibility of taking a GAP year to pursue non-academic endeavors. It has recently become famous due to the longest university strike in Canadian history. One of the university’s stronger beliefs is that education shall be accessible to all. This article will focus on the acceptance rate at York University.

York University, founded in 1959, was affiliated with the University of Toronto until 1965. The founders strongly believed that higher education positively contributed to increased economic productivity and promoted equality and social justice. Its first campus at Glendon College soon began specializing in liberal arts and part-time adult education. From the 60s onwards, and with the addition of the Keele campus, the university started widening its offer to professional education courses, such as engineering and medicine, amongst others. York’s Centre for Vision Research has developed a ‘virtual reality room’ called IVY to study spatial orientation and perception of gravity and motion which is used by the Canadian Space Agency to train astronauts.

As you can see, there are excellent resources for students at York University. Because of these and many other reasons, the acceptance rate at York University is pretty competitive as you will see.

York University’s two main campuses at Keele and Glendon are connected by a frequent shuttle bus. Plans to open new sites in the Toronto area have recently been shut down, due to the federal government pulling its financial support for the projects. York U houses various libraries. Aviva Centre, home to the Canadian Open tennis tournament, is located within the university grounds. There are international campuses in India and Costa Rica.

The structure and organization of the university set out that the Senate is responsible for all academic policies and Board of Governors oversees the financial matters. The university employs 7,000 academic staff. There are 11 undergraduate, graduate and professional faculties and schools, and 28 research centres. It offers 120 undergraduate programs with 17 degree types and over 170 degree options. In order to graduate, Glendon College students are obliged to take courses in both  English and French – this is the only such case in Ontario. Currently, over 52,000 students from 150 countries are enrolled in the under- and postgraduate courses. The most popular ones are social sciences and engineering but students can choose globalization studies, mental health, or clinical biomedical sciences as well. York also stands out in the country as the only higher education institution to offer specialized programs in meteorological sciences. Its Faculty of Environmental Studies is the oldest and largest in Canada. Astronaut Steve MacLean, actress Rachel McAdams and YouTuber Lilly Singh are counted amongst the most notable alumni.

York University’s official colors are red and white. Its motto is Latin and means “The way must be tried” in English. The Village at York University is the liveliest off-campus student housing area, chosen primarily by post-graduate students. The only fraternity recognized by the university is Phi Delta Phi (ΦΔΦ) international legal fraternity because of its history with the law school dated back to 1896.

Acceptance Rate at York University

York University is currently ranked 351-400 in the world. Admission depends on the faculty and the chosen course of study. The estimated York University acceptance rate is at 37%. So, if you are a good student, you should be accepted.

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