Zhejiang University Acceptance Rate

Zhejiang University Acceptance Rate

There are quite a number of good universities in China. However, there are those who excel above others. Those universities that rank at the top are part dubbed as part of the elite C9 League and are given the title as a Double First-Class University by the Chinese Ministry of Education. One of these top-performing universities is Zhejiang University. In this article, we will be discussing the Zhejiang University acceptance rate.

Zhejiang University was established in 1897 by the mayor of Hangzhou at that time, Lin Qi. At that time, the university was known as the Qiushi Academy. Qiushi Academy went under many reforms throughout the years until it became what is now today, the current Zhejiang University.

Currently, Zhejiang University now has seven campuses. Each campus has a flagship course. The Yuquan Campus houses the engineering courses. The Xixi Campus offers the arts and sciences. The Huajiachi Campus houses offer agriculture. The Zhejiang Campus houses the mathematics and theoretical sciences as well as the Guanhua Law School. There is also the Haining International Campus which caters to the different international partners of the university. The main campus of the university is the Zijin’gang Campus which caters to the medical school as well as to the freshman and sophomore undergraduate students before they branch out to the other campuses. A new campus was opened in 2015 which functions as the Ocean College. This campus is the Zhoushan Campus. All the campuses combined caters to a more than 45,000 full-time enrolled students.

Zhejiang University values research greatly with impacts not only valuable nationally but internationally as well. This is the main reason why the disciplines offered are also well-ingrained with research. These disciplines include agriculture, literature, art, economics, medicine, management, engineering, philosophy, and the natural sciences.

Because of the Zhejiang University’s increasing popularity and top-performance, it has conferred many degrees to various famous personas such as Huang Fu (once a President and Premier of China), Xu Guangxian (award-winning chemist), Tao-Chiuh Hsu (13th President of the American Society of Cell Biology), Zhou Suhong (famous Olympics athlete), and many more.

What is the acceptance rate at Zhejiang University?

Since Zhejiang University is a member of the elite group C9 League, coupled with being ranked as a Double First-Class University, the university is considered as one of the most selective and pickiest university in China.

The main factor that the admission board considers when dishing out successful admissions is the result of the National College Entrance Examination also known as “Gaokao”. Through the national examination, students can express their desire to join the student body of Zhejiang University. However, with an acceptance rate of less 0.5% for Chinese students, a lot of students end up not getting admitted. This low and strict admission requirement is put into place to ensure that the quality of students that enroll in the university are of good stock. Hence, for those aspiring to enroll at Zhejiang University, your ticket to passing through the gates as an official student is a good result in the Entrance Examination.

However, if you are an international student, your situation is a lot different than the Chinese. The estimated acceptance rate for international students at Zhejiang University is 37%. Also, you don’t have to take Gaokao, but must take an alternative test.

There are many elite universities in China. Just do remember that if you plan to enroll at Zhejiang University, you may meet tough competition, especially since the bases are in a national standard. However, that does not mean that aspiring students should just give up with their aspiration. With rigorous effort and determination, a student aspirant may end up with a golden ticket to the student body of Zhejiang University.

I hope that this article on Zhejiang University was helpful. If you want to see the acceptance rate for different Chinese universities, visit China University Acceptance Rate Category.